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September 2, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Eagle Families,

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Torres. She is a former MSH teacher who is filling in for Mrs. Norris's math classes as she is currently in Boston with her son Ryan. We also want to say WELCOME BACK to Ms. Pierce, who is having a blast with our students in after school care. We are truly blessed to have these wonderful ladies join us.

The time has come to discuss our additional school programs! We know this year has not started how we expected, but we are still moving forward with many of the programs we love. For this fall semester, we are offering Tumbling (Grades M4, MK, K - 8th) and Dance (MK, K - 8th) during school. As for our after school programs we are offering, Advanced Dance (6th - 8th), Chess Club (2nd - 8th), Guitar (2nd - 8th, this year they will not be individual lessons, but group lessons according to skill level assessed by Mr. G), Marching Band (5th - 8th), Cheer (5th - 8th), Pep Squad (2nd - 8th), and Robotics Club (4th - 5th). We pray that over time we will be able to add more programs to the list.

Please sign up your student beginning tomorrow, Thursday, September 3rd at 8:00 AM through Friday, September 4th with the link below so that they may participate as soon as next week depending on the program!

On the technology front, our students were able to watch and participate in this week's Mass. If you missed it, here is the link to watch it. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel too.

It has been another fantastic start of the week here at Mount. I ask you to continue to share the great work and news that is happening at Mount so we can continue to see our legacy grow! Thank you once again for your grace and continued support.


Tina M. Polin

Director of Development and Communications

September 2nd Mass


  • Friday, September 4th is our first early release day. Montessori and Kindergarten dismissal will begin at 11:45 AM. Grades 1st through 8th dismissal is at 12:00 PM. After school care will be available for our community.

  • Our cafeteria service began on Monday. Please know that you can set up a lunch account anytime through our FACTS system.

  • Should any technical issues arise throughout the day for your virtual learners, please remember to email This will ensure that our Technology Specialists can collect and service your issue in the order in which they were received. Thank you for your continued patience.

  • Reminder Morning and After School Care are available for our families. If you would like to join please email Mrs. Veronica Zamora

Meet the Teacher Dates and Times:

Now that we have kicked off our school year, it is time for our Virtual Meet the Teacher Night. Please keep an eye out for a Google Meet Invitation from your child's teacher.

The goal for these meetings is to allow our teachers to have the opportunities to give you an overview of the year, discuss their expectations, how technology is going to be used, and what the integration of our virtual learners and face to face learners is going to be.

Tuesday, September 8th:

Montessori Room 1 - Mrs. Hinojosa will begin at 6:00 PM

Kindergarten will begin at 6:00 PM

Montessori Room 2 - Mrs. will begin at 6:30 PM

2nd grade will begin at 7:00 PM

Wednesday, September 9th:

1st grade will begin at 6:00 PM

4th and 5th grades will begin at 6:30 PM

3rd grade will begin at 7:00 PM

Thursday, September 10th:

Middle school grades 6th, 7th, and 8th will begin at 6:00 PM

Message from PTC 1st Vice President Mrs. Ojeda

Dear Mount Sacred Heart Community,

Thank you for your continued support to PTC and the MSH community. Whether it’s through social media, virtual meetings, or in-person events, we appreciate all that you do.

We have many events that your PTC board is creatively working together to ensure we continue our traditions. As you may have guessed, some events will look a little different this year. We are excited for our 1st "Save the Date"! Get ready for some friendly bidding fun on September 12, 2020. PTC will host a MSH Fall Auction. This event is a continuation of our 2020 Casino Night. You will have an opportunity to bid on some of your favorite items that you didn't see in June.

Casino Night is PTC’s largest fundraiser that supports multiple needs including our annual budget, community programming, and giving back to the school.

It’s Simple - Here’s How it Works
1. Beginning September 7th, you may register at to participate in our 1-day secured online auction.
Auction Starts: Saturday, September 12th @9:00 AM Auction Ends: Saturday, September 12th @9:00 PM
2. Track your bids online throughout the day to keep an eye on your favorite prizes! You will receive instant outbid and watchlist notifications to allow quick entry for a new bid.
3. General donations are also available if you choose not to bid on any auction items.
4. If you’re a winner, you may make your payment online.
5. You may pick-up your winning prizes at MSH September 14th – September 18th by coordinating with Gloria Vina at to schedule a pickup time.

We appreciate your support and participation! We miss you all, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

All through the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Kristine Ojeda
PTC 1st Vice President And your PTC Board

PTC Parent Volunteer Sign Ups

PTC has several events throughout the year that brings our community together and raises funds for our school. This will not be possible without the generosity of our parent volunteers. This year PTC is planning on having the annual events we love, but with a twist in order to keep our community safe. Please see how you can participate safely this school year.

Below are the links for you to sign up!

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for Montessori and Kinder

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for 1st through 4th Grades

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for 5th through 8th Grades

Message from CYO President Cardenas:


***Registration closes 9/6/20***

Fall sports registration link is below. This is pretty much the same as the paper form, with a couple of updates. The first is a link to the SA Archdiocese page with Covid related info, please read and initial. CYO's Zero Tolerance policy will pertain to these items as well.

As always, we ask that you ALSO register via SportsPilot (link provided once form is complete) - this is the system the Archdiocese uses and filling this out greatly helps our registrar with processing. (If you have an existing account, it's just several clicks and takes less than a minute.)

Our zone wishes to reiterate the likelyhood that teams will be formed by division and not age/grade level. This may be of particular concern for the Tots (ages 3-6 could be playing together), we will separate them as team scheduling permits.

Practices will be held at MSH but games will be played offsite as facilities are permitted to open. Please be prepared for a limited number of entries per participant - unfortunately, this year we will not see as many siblings, grandparents, and family as we have enjoyed in the past.

Thank you for your time, support, and we welcome all, as you feel comfortable with participating. Please be as patient and understanding as possible with all of the changes we've experienced since Spring Break, we're in new territory here and we will work to keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible.

We only have two weeks of registration, so let's make sure we get the word out to our MSH families!

Coaches Certification:

Covid Update from Archdiocese (last updated 8/18/20):

Registration Form:


  • an email from your child's teacher with your invitation to our Virtual Meet the Teacher Night
  • save the date for our first Free Dress Day for ALL our students, September 18th benefiting Robotics and the American Heart Association - details on how to pay will be forthcoming.

Eagle Family Prayer Request

We kindly ask you to please pray for:

MSH families who are experiencing hardships due to illness, death, economic struggles, or any other needs. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our strength.

Baby Ryan (son of Mrs. Norris)

Joan Radous (mother of Mrs. Brooks)

*If you have a prayer request, please feel free to submit your request to

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