Zahkia Wilkinson

Careers 4th hour

Brain Hemisphere

I am a right brain. Being a right brained person means that I am random, imaginative, and musical.
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My four personality letters are ENFP. The letters say that I am outgoing. My colors are blue, orange, gold, and green. Blue is very unique and caring. Orange is outgoing and has a good personality. Gold is organized and dependable. Green likes to learn all kinds of new things.
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Motivation/Stress Level/Team Style

My motivation score was a 65. My stress level was at 75. My Team Style says that I am a director, supporter, analyzor, and creator. This means that I am self-confident, decisive, and a risk taker.


I am a Extrovert which means that I am an outgoing, overtly expressive person.

Kuder Navigator Results

Career Match

1. Professional Support Services

2. Teaching and Training

3. Counseling and Mental Health Figures

4. Health Infomatics

5. Therapeutic Services


1. Professional Support Services

2. Journalism and Brodcasting

3. Preforming Arts

4. Teaching and Training

5. Early Childhood Development and Services

Work Values

1. Innovation- Medium

2. Workplace- Medium

3. Prestige- Medium

4. Income- Medium

5. Accomplishment- Medium

Top 3 Career Choices

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Top College Choice

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Stony Brook College

City and State~ Stony Brook, New York

Public or Private?~ Public University

Enrollment size~ $24,143

Total per year~$17,810

High School Plans

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"Dont let your dreams just be dreams"