IT'S HOT! I mean..Room 4 Newsletter

September 15, 2015


*We almost have the entire class donated! Thank you!

To donate you may PayPal me at, or leave cash or check to Ms. Sally. Thank you!

*Parents- Please take your child's Rainbow Word report card out of their folder and leave it at home. It is for you to keep and Sally does not want the kids comparing results! Continue to work with your kids on all the colors of the rainbow words as they are getting tested weekly.

*Separate snack pouches please!

*Tennis shoes on Thursdays for PE!


Remember this Sunday is our Kinder Play Date at West Hollywood Park! 10am. Come meet our class and the other Kindergarten classrooms.

Please rsvp to the Evite! I will resend it. Take a look at what people are bringing and let us know what you can contribute!

So excited to put faces to names!!

Signup Geniuses

So I talked with Mrs. Marsh Weiss and Ms. Sally and we have decided the best time to clean the classroom is in the morning because STAR uses our classroom in the afternoon. Times will be Mon, Wed, Fri, 7:50-8:15am.

Here is the link :

Also, I made a Sign Up Genius for reading to the class. PLEASE NOTE this is only as a reference to us parents! You still need to let Marsh-Weiss know when you would like to come in and read a few days ahead of time!

Here is the link :

I'll be sending follow-up emails from Sign Up Genius as well:)

Important Links!!

*Take the time to read your Wizard Wire each Thursday and refer to the FOWHE website at

*Purchase Spiritwear Online at


Every time you shop at Ralphs you could be earning a contribution for our school that doesn't cost you a dime. Each fall, Ralphs requires that you re-enroll your cards to select your community contribution.

To re-enroll your Ralphs card:

  • Go to
  • Click "My Account"
  • At the bottom of the screen, click "Enroll" under Community Contributions. Our organization ID is 82163. See more instructions at Ralphs website. You can also enroll your card for the first time if you're new to the school.


No more saving receipts to make donations through the Fresh & Easy Shop for Schools program. You can now register your Fresh & Easy Friends card and get up to a 5% donation on each purchase.

To earn each time you shop Fresh & Easy:

  • Create an account at Our Supporter ID is 901015159.
  • Click the "myEscrip" button on the top menu
  • Sign in with our Supporter ID 901015159 or your user ID and your password
  • Click the "Cards and Phone Numbers" link
  • Select "Fresh & Easy Friends Card" from the menu and enter your card number. Update your changes and you're all registered to earn. Easy!


We receive up to 10% of your purchase amount when you start your Amazon shopping on this page:

Using this link every time you shop Amazon can mean big money for our school and there's no cost to you. Put a shortcut on your desktop or bookmark it and you're all set. Thanks!

Dates to know!

*Spirit wear this Friday!

*Next Thursday the 25th, NO SCHOOL! Rosh Hashana!

Classroom Projects!

Aimee and I are going into the class to look at some fun organizational projects, so if any of you are a closet "I want to be on HGTV and need an outlet" kind of person, then look no further! We will be letting you all know what is going down and how you can help our class put Martha Stewart to shame!!

The sizzling end....


If I forgot something it is because my brain does not function properly over 85 degrees. So I apologize in advance for any follow up emails.

If I didn't, it's a win win!

Stay cool out there Room 4! Hydrate those littles!!