Fuzion Force Enterainment Academy



Charlotte, NC – November 6, 2013 – Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy will be the opening act for the 2013 Thanksgiving Parade in Uptown Charlotte with a grand performance for all to see. Each year Charlotte Officials choose the most elite groups to entertain the crowd and this year the youth of Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy will do just that.

In 2008, Tom ‘Showbiz’ Hill opened his heart and doors to youth in the community by teaching them what he held so deep in his heart; hip-hop dance. Creating new pathways to overcome childhood obesity, Tom wanted to break barriers by crossing out the stereotypical nuances that so many feel that the hip-hop culture has to offer. “Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy was formed to give the average everyday child the opportunity to perform and compete on stages that accepts their love for dance,” says Mr. Hill. “I wanted to break the cultural barriers and show everyone that hip-hop is not a threat, but a positive experience that is now accepted in competitions worldwide.” Tom has extended these youths dreams by teaching them a fun way to exercise and he has cultivated relationships with his fellow celebrity dance choreographers to help with mentoring the youth. Teaching some of the celebrity workshops, you are sure to find Chuck Maldonaldo, Collective UTH, District 7, Jerod & Jeremiah Fewell and many other well know choreographers from around the world.

Serving youth ages six through eighteen, Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy is ‘Where Dance Meets Force’. Displaying their talents to all, FFEA’s record of performances include; Speed Street 2008 and 2010, Carolina Panther’s NFL Games, Paw Patrol of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA Games 2012 and 2013, CIAA Fan Fest 2011- 2013, Back 2 School Jam for iZiggy Promotions, Gang of One and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department 2011 and 2012. Recently named the Revolution Talent Competition Star Dance Alliance Regional Overall Champion’s and the Encore Dance Competition for the Stars Overall Champions, it is very understandable why this group of talented dancers is in high demand.

Up and coming musicians have worked diligently with FFEA’s choreographers as they train through the rigorous sessions of stage choreography. With a recipe for success, TGB Rocks, Austin Porter, Kharizma, D2 and other celebrity artists have blazed the stages with hip-hop routines created by FFEA. Now, people from all around will get to see just what the youth have worked so hard for at the Thanksgiving Parade in Charlotte, North Carolina. “This is the biggest city supported honor that we have been invited to yet”, says Tom.”Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy is ready to wow the crowd!”

As American’s look into new and creative ways to fight childhood obesity, Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy wants to decrease the North Carolina ranking from being 23rd on the list for obese children. According to the 2012 stats, 31.4% of youth in North Carolina are overweight or obese. Set with new goals and a healthier way of living, FFEA instills in their youth the importance of eating healthy, living healthy and exercising.

For more information on how you can have Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy be a part of your events or to learn more about their unique programs, please contact Tom Hill at 704-763-4564 or email FuzionForceEA@gmail.com. You can also visit our website at www.FuzionForce.com for class schedules and more.

Fuzion Force Entertainment Academy is an entertainment and competition academy that specializes in dance and fitness. Focusing on building teams from beginner to pro, we instruct our students to perform in Hip-Hop Dance, Step, B-Boy and Tumbling. For more information on our class schedules, booking or more, please contact Tom Hill at 704-763-4564 or visit us online at www.FuzionForce.com.