please come join us at YOU camp!

YOU camp is an artistic and expressive opportunity camp!

come sign up!

This camp is a 100% expressive camp.

camp YOU allows children to express them self through exppresive and creative tinkering,building,creating and playing!

At you camp we encourage ALL kids to be themselves and portray all of their persona through their art. In YOU camp kids can choose from: ice sculpting, clay sculpting, robot making, painting, abstract, painting, abstract art, tinkering, vocal expression through singing, writing, acting, dancing and more!!

In YOU camp each child is able to choose what he/she may participate in and in doing so will learn how to:

-express him/her self in a good manner

-learn goals

-learn connection through similar people

-learn patience and consistence

-learn how to use creative skill

-learn different ways of play

-learn to appreciate the differences in themselves and in others

by: Madison Rivera