MJPS Kindergarten

Term 2 2016

Welcome to Term 2

Each term continues to be a very busy time with lots of new and exciting activities in store and Term 2 is no different. It is pleasing to see so many kindergarten children showing independence and coming to school carrying their own school bag, putting their bag outside their classroom and playing with friends in the mornings.

A huge thank you goes to those parents who have helped in and around the classrooms last term. If you would like to assist this term and don’t know how to get involved, just let your child’s classroom teacher know and they will be happy to offer some suggestions. We do understand that we have many working parents in our school community and we thank you for your support at home with your child/ren. Everyone’s support is appreciated in building strong and positive connections between home and school.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress, please contact your class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please contact the school office should you wish to make an appointment.

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Term 2 Calendar

Important dates for Kindergarten students are:

This term's assemblies start at 9am in the school hall.

Friday 27 May: K-2 Languages Assembly

Friday 10 June: 1Z and 1B Assembly

Friday 24 June: 1M Assembly

Friday 1 July: Last Day of School Term 2

Tuesday 19 July: First Day of School Term 3 for Students

For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter

Please note Kindergarten Assemblies will be in Term 3

Kindergarten Staff 2016

Class Teachers

KC - Easter Carmeli AP

KV - Pauline Vukelich

KS - Sharon Guider

KM - Christina Cignetti

KSL - Sandra Mather (Monday - Wednesday) Karen Lucas (Thursday - Friday)

Support Staff

Mrs Simone Schapkaitz - Support Teacher

Mrs Sue Mirow and Ms Allisa McCormack - Librarians

Ms Hong Jin Wu-Chinese

Ms Mary Stamatellis-Greek

Organisational Matters

-Please label your child’s school bag, library bag, hat, lunch boxes (including lids) and drink bottle with your child’s full name and class. Ensure to do this several times each term as the writing fades.

-Please remember all students should be wearing their hat to school. They should also remember to wear their hats at recess and lunch.

-We encourage children to have healthy food at school. Chips, chocolates and lollies are not items for a school environment. Furthermore we have a number of students at MJPS with severe food allergies. Please be mindful about what goes into your child’s lunch box.

-Students are allowed to play on the basketball court (up the green sails outside the boys and girls' toilets) and the grass area (outside the Years 5 & 6 classrooms) where the teacher is on duty from 8.30am. For safety reasons students are not allowed on the playground equipment before or after school, even with a parent supervising. Your help to reinforce this message is greatly appreciated.

-Lessons commence at 9.00am. Students must line up outside their classroom. If a child arrives after 9.00am, they need to go to the office with their parent and have the office print out a late note for them to take to their classroom teacher.

-When sending notes and money to the school, these need to be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, class and what the money is for clearly written. Please staple the permission note to the outside of the envelope and have your child hand the envelope to their classroom teacher or placed into the Note Box outside their classroom. (Please read Term Statements of Accounts below).

-All absences must be accompanied by a letter of explanation when your child returns to school after an absence.

-Every child must have a raincoat in his/her bag. For safety reasons, umbrellas are not permitted at school.

-School finishes at 3.00pm. Please make sure you are on time to collect your child or have made arrangements with the Care Centre 9315 5947.

- Read the weekly newsletter as it is full of information about what is happening at our school and upcoming events.

- If you haven't already done, please sign up to the MJPS Skoolbag App. It is free and is an easy way to keep up to date with what's happening at school.

Term Statement of Accounts

Each term, all parents will receive a Term Statement of Accounts. This will list all the activities that your child will participate in each term. We hope that this information gives parents sufficient financial notice to plan for these costs. Parents can pay in the usual manner through the class money folders in either one lump sum or by instalments or activities. As previously, any parents seeking financial assistance should ask at the office or make an appointment with the Principal.

It is important to note that students will continue to receive permission notes before each event; however these simply need to be signed and returned to the class teachers. Information about school activities including excursions may be unknown to parents at this point in time, but information will be coming out in a timely fashion before each event.

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Sports, Library & Languages Timetable

Sports Program

Students should wear their sports uniform (joggers, green shorts/track pants or skirt, red school t-shirt and hat). Each class will be learning about fundamental movement skills taught by qualified Sportspro staff.

All Kindergarten - Thursday

Library Day:

Each class will continue to visit the library once a week for their lesson and to borrow a book. Mrs Mirow or Ms Allisa McCormack are our librarians. It is important that all students must bring their library bag and return their book from the previous week. Students cannot borrow without a library bag or whilst a book is outstanding.

KC: Tuesday - Ms McCormack

KV: Wednesday - Mrs Mirow

KM: Friday - Mrs Mirow

KM: Friday - Mrs Mirow

KS: Friday - Mrs Mirow

Language Day/s:

Students learn Greek or Chinese. Lessons focus on conversational Greek/Chinese words of greeting, colours, numbers, letters and other words and sentences students can use with each other, family members, language teachers and other community members.

KC/KV: Monday & Friday

KS/KM: Monday & Wednesday

KSL: Tuesday & Wednesday

What are we learning this term?


This term, Kindergarten will focus on the English key concepts of Imagination and Characterisation by working on a unit of work called ‘Fairytales’. Children will learn about how imaginative characters are portrayed and developed in a variety of fairytales. They will learn to describe various characters and write simple descriptions of fairytale characters.

Home reading is underway. Thank you to those parents who were able to make the parent information session this week. All parents should have received a copy of the handouts, if not please see your child's teacher. Children should return Home Readers regularly to ensure a variety of books are borrowed. Reading each night will help our students to practise the knowledge and skills taught during reading lessons at school and provide them with opportunities to improve fluency and accuracy. Home reading will continue from Monday to Friday. Please ensure this reading time is light and enjoyable for both you and your child. Children have their library books to read on the weekend.

Our Phonics program is based on the Get Reading Right Program. Our sight words are based on the Magic 100 Words. These sounds and sight words will be incorporated into various learning activities during the week. It is very important that your child practises their sight words regularly. Please see our home reading parent information handouts regarding our sounds and sight words for this term.

All children have a news day where they are encouraged to bring a special item relating to the news topic. If you are able to discuss and practise their news the night before it will help them to feel more comfortable and confident when it is their turn to speak in front of the class. Another suggestion to help your child is using cue cards (pictorial cue cards during news has helped some Kindergarten students stay focused and remember their news). The topics for news have been given out for this term. If you don’t have a copy please ask your child’s classroom teacher.


In Mathematics the children will continue to learn and develop various concepts within the Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability strands of the syllabus. All students are provided with opportunities to develop and use a variety of hands on activities, interactive whiteboard activities, group work and written work to meet their individual needs. A strong emphasis on working mathematically and problem solving strategies will continue to be incorporated across all strands.


This term the topic is called 'On the move'. Through this unit of work students will develop an understanding of how things move. They explore the push and pull forces they can use to move objects in ways such as sliding, bouncing and spinning. Through investigations, students observe and gather evidence about rolling objects and explore the idea of fair testing.


Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) unit ‘I am Me!’ will allow students to explore the way culture impacts on personal and community identities. Students will learn about characteristics, desires and abilities of students, family languages, their own class and family groups, special events they celebrate, easily recognisable Australian and school symbols, groups that individuals belong to, recognisable differences between languages spoken in their neighbourhood and events shared with class members and with families.

Creative Arts:

Students will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of visual arts, music, dance and drama. Drama will be integrated within the literacy Fairytales unit.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education:

Early Stage 1 will be learning about Road Safety. Through this unit of work students will learn about pedestrian safety, passenger safety and safety on wheels. Lessons will include learning about using a seatbelt, safe entry and exit from a vehicle and the importance of wearing a helmet.

Students are participating in the Sportspro program focusing on the fundamental movement skills. All classes met Miss W last week and by all accounts, everyone had fun.

Please don't forget....

Term 2 is winter uniform. Girls have the option of the winter tunic dress or long pants with white long sleeve polo. Boys wear grey long trousers with white long sleeve polo. The winter sports uniform is the green track pants with the red long sleeve polo.

Donations-A box of tissue/s donated to your child’s classroom would be appreciated, with the cold weather there are always a few more sniffles around. Two BOSTIK or UHO glue sticks (these actually work better) for students to use in the classroom.

If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher for any issues concerning your child, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see the teacher at a convenient time.

Do talk to your child about his/her day and praise all work, both in the classroom and at home.

Photos from KC and KV classrooms are featured in this newsletter. Our Term 3 Newsletter will feature photos from KS and KM. Our Term 4 Newsletter will feature photos from KSL.

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