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Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Lisa Michno: I would like to nominate Lisa Michno for always being so willing to share. She is considerate and truly gets the "our" kids philosophy.

Diane Allen: I'd like to nominate Diane Allen for arriving BEFORE 7:00 EVERY DAY to run the Earobics Lab!

JoEllen Richter: Going the extra mile to lighten my load this week. Thank you!

Making our Hive Thrive

K – Teachers were seeking additional ways to plan collaboratively.

K- Teachers provided instructional assistance and shared literacy assignments to ensure student achievement.

1st – A teacher volunteered her time to help assess “our kids.”

2nd – Teachers are collaborating and working hard to increase rigor and student engagement when preparing literacy assignments.

All Grade Levels – Every child, every day has been demonstrated by all grade levels and the concept of “our kids” radiates throughout the campus!

Setting off the alarm

Please be sure you have left your classrooms by 6:00 each evening. Also, as you arrive in the morning, please check with a custodian before entering your classroom to be certain the alarm is off. We have had several incidents this year and each false alarm costs us $50. I would much rather spend that money on our students. Thanks for helping us with this!

Several staff members have asked me for the link to subscribe to the Remind app. Here it is:

Clarification regarding Edmodo Post

I believe my Edmodo post confused people. Sorry! The google doc is inviting you to provide feedback on the half day PD. In the google doc, you are also identifying one new idea/strategy/learning tool you learned in the PD. The Edmodo post is for you to reflect on the implementation of that new idea/strategy/learning tool. As we are focusing on growth mindset this year, we are asking everyone to try something new and reflect on how it went. What impact did it have on students? What impact did it have on you? Remember, even if it didn't quite work--no biggie! Let's celebrate our growth mindset!

Feedback on our half day of Professional Development

As a reminder, we are gathering feedback in order to determine what our next half day of differentiated PD should be. Please be sure to fill out this form. The excel spreadsheet populated by this form will serve as our sign in sheet since there were so many different sessions going on. Please be sure you provide feedback so that you get credit for attending your sessions.


Reminder from Damita Nocton

There is still time to donate to the United Way! Pledge sheets are being collected by Mrs. Nocton and she has extras if you have misplaced yours. The deadline is the morning of Thursday, September 25. Thank you for the generosity you have shown!

Off Campus Lunches

There have been some questions regarding staff members leaving campus to go to lunch during the day when we have students on campus. Please know that I understand your desire to do some team building and we all know that food helps us to do so. However, there are many days built into our calendar this year where team members will be able to get away to eat lunch in order to have some quality time together without students. I have serious concerns with having teachers/assistants off campus during the school day when students are on campus. If we have students on campus, we should have their teachers here supervising them. Therefore, please arrange to eat lunch off campus on the early release days as well as the full day district PD days:

October 17

November 4

December 5

January 16

January 26

February 13

February 16

March 9

March 27

I am willing to adjust the half day schedule to allow more time for lunch off campus. However, assistants will need to clock out and then clock back in upon returning. We would need to hold our PD from 1:00-3:00. Keep in mind--all of our half days are on Fridays so adjusting the schedule would mean our sessions do not end until 3:00 on a Friday. Please send us an email with the consensus reached by your various teams regarding the schedule for our half days. Will we begin at 12:30 or 1:00? Thank you.

Change to PLC schedule for Traditional

With our Year Round students & staff out for Fall break, our specials schedule changes. Tonya has sent you that schedule. Because of this different schedule, our regularly held PLC/Planning meetings are not able to work because teachers have specials at different times. It was the same for YR before TR joined us. So, the only way to meet as a team is after school (until YR returns). Our Professional Development Calendar does not reflect that so here is an update:

  • DreamBox Math Data Analysis will be moved in order for all teachers to participate together.
  • Collaborative Planning meetings will take the place of that meeting.
  • The October Admin meeting will be held after school on October 1st. Please have your data cards completed and bring them to that meeting. All teams will meet in the Media Center.
  • October 8 is Staff Meeting therefore teams will need to determine a different date to meet this week.
  • Collaborative Planning can occur as needed after school--teams determine frequency and date (until YR returns).

Upcoming Dates

September 22-26: Intersession Camp

September 29-October 3: Intersession Camp

September 24: TR teams meet after school (Dreambox PD has been postponed)

September 26: All Assistants off campus 10:30-12:30 "Eight Mathematical Practices"

October 1: Marci off campus for Principals Meeting

October 1: Admin PLC team meetings

  • 3:00-4:00 in the Media Center (all 3 teams)
  • Bring your data cards and Tonya will lead discussion about grouping students for Intervention/Enrichment block

October 8: Staff Meeting (TR only) Officer Kelso to present Lockdown procedures/Vote on School Improvement Plan

October 9: Fall Curriculum Night (TR)

October 15: group 1 of 2nd grade--Walking Career Fair

October 15: Staff Meeting (YR only)--Officer Kelso to present Lockdown procedures/Vote on School Improvement Plan

October 15: SIT Meeting

October 16: RIF/Read-a-thon

October 16: Data PLC team meetings

  • YR--review data from mClass, SRI and Teacher Working Conditions Survey
  • TR--discuss PM data--how is intervention block going?

October 17: Early Release/Differentiated PD

October 20: STEAM Lab Ribbon Cutting Assembly

October 21: School Improvement Visit from District Leadership (8:30-10:00)

October 23: TR 1st and 2nd grade to grade math assessments during PLC

October 24: Mike Rutherford Coaching with Marci

October 24: Assistants off campus 10:30-12:30 "Building Number Sense)

October 24: Fall Fest

October 27: Traditional Parent/Teacher Conferences; YR Teacher Workday

October 28-29: Marci in Raleigh for Bridging the Gap Conference

October 29: Faculty Staff meeting with Dr. Grimesey (3:00-3:45)

October 30: YR teams move cards to reflect most recent Progress Monitoring data

November 3: Instructional Rounds

November 4: District PD (morning is school based; afternoon is district based)

November 5: Instructional Rounds

November 6: Fall Curriculum Night (YR)

November 10: Teacher Workday

November 11: Holiday

November 12: Marci off campus for Principals Meeting

November 12: Staff meeting

November 17: Vertical Team PLCs

November 19: Vertical Team PLCs

November 19: SIT Meeting

November 20: TR teams move cards to reflect most recent Progress Monitoring data

November 26-28: Thanksgiving Break