Coping With Significant Illness

By: Ava, Sydney, Harley, Elana, Evan, Trent, Katie

Mental and Physical Remedies for Cancer Patients

By: Ava B.

Cancer is a sickness that is stressful, painful, and surprising. Getting therapy is a way that you can get your mind off of all of those terrible things. Some types of therapy are music, laughter, and pet therapy. Music therapy is "a way to alleviate emotional, physical, and social stresses that come with being a cancer patient, as well as to boost your mood and help you through cancer treatment and recovery." ("Music"). Laughter therapy can make you feel better emotionally, because when you laugh it makes you feel much better. It makes you feel happier and it also relieves stress and nervousness. ("Laughter"). Pet therapy can make you feel better physically, because when you have a pet with you it can detract your focus from the pain and restlessness. It will also make you feel happier. ("Pet- Assisted"). Therapy gets your mind off the treatments and pain. It can also help you release negative thoughts and feelings. Without these remedies, cancer patients would be so distressed and there is a possibility that they might go through depression. These therapies are available for all ages. It's as easy as plugging in earbuds and pressing play!

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In this picture it shows a patient playing the guitar and drums during his music therapy session ("Music Therapy Program")

Illness Affecting People in Various Ways

By: Sydney R.

I know that the whole world feels upside-down for the people with significant illness. They face many challenges each and everyday. They are no longer able to do the things they used to be able to do. Even though they may have other people in their lives, but they don’t get to get all of their feelings out because the person taking care of them is really just focused on the sick person not dying. Their lives have changed the second they discovered that they had a disability and/or illness. They will have to face many challenges because they have either a disability or an illness,having someone to care about you is very special. Illnesses can make you feel limited, sad, scared, and it can make you upset. Some people are able to get doctors, therapists, or even just someone to comfort them. If some people don’t have a therapist they might explode with having these emotions inside them. Sometimes people need to get special help from special people. Sometimes people don’t get the right kind of special attention. Sometimes they get considered as a person who can’t do anything, it makes them feel bad and want to exit the world. (Roe)

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Pictured here is Avery, a cape crusader, photographed by Renee Bergeron's Superhero Project. She was born as a premature baby. She has had multiple brain surgeries, and has a feeding tube in her stomach. ( Bergeron )

Family Care For Cancer Patient

By: Harley B.

There is a lot that happens at home with people that have cancer.

Most of they care happens when they are at home. Hospitals can give treatments to him or her at home for they don’t have to stay over night. For centuries, family members have provided care and support to each other when one is silk. (Family Caregivers) They have to take medicine at home for they don’t have to stay at the hospitals over night.They have treatments that they can take home for they do not have to stay at the Hospitals over night. They get to go home to stay with their family but when someone gets sick they have go somewhere else for the patient won't get it. They have to stay out of school for the don’t get sick. If they get silk it can be more bad for them. It also get worse with a cancer patient. That is why they can go home when they have cancer. (Reinhardt, Susan C.)

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This is a cancer patient herding hands with their dad. (Activities and Classes)

Fibromyalgia and Diabetes. Oh the Humanity!

By: Elana P.

Fibromyalgia and Diabetes are two very important diseases that can affect your body extremely. Fibromyalgia is a disease that deals with your health physically. Physical therapy is something that really helps with fibromyalgia, because fibromyalgia increases the pain you have in your body. It helps you stay in shape and still be fit and physical, even though you have this condition. (WebMD) Fibromyalgia also causes many emotional reactions. The pain from it can cause your feelings to be out of whack. You can quickly switch from one emotion to another depending on how much pain you're in. Diabetes deals with your health mentally. It can make you very dizzy, forgetful, woozy, and very tired. For help with this, you should get lots of rest because of the headaches you get from dizziness. For help with both of the diseases, medicine is your best bet. It helps keep your pain and dizziness under control. Even though the medicine you have to take can make you woozy as well, after it sets in, it really does help you a lot. Be sure to stay on top of these diseases. For diabetes, check your blood sugar constantly. How high or low your blood sugar is, determines how you feel. For fibromyalgia, make sure you see your doctor very often to check for any unusual other places where pain is felt. Usually, with fibromyalgia, the pain is in that same spot. Fibromyalgia and Diabetes are two diseases that you need to take very seriously. If you have one or both of these diseases, then treat them with care. They are a part of you.

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In this picture, you will see the common places of getting pain from fibromyalgia. The shoulder, the neck, the spine, and the hip. (Sheil Jr)

The Five Stages of Grief

By: Evan W.

The five stages of grief are what the patients and families endure when they have been diagnosed with a bad sickness or disease, or have died. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.(“Home”). Denial is when the patient or family member denies that the news is real, and only takes it little parts at a time. This actually helps you get through the news faster. Anger is when you are having a hard time dealing with the news, and you are just so upset that you take all your emotions out on other people. It helps to write your emotions down in a journal, and/or talk to other doctors and family members that feel your pain. Bargaining is when you get caught up in, “If only…” sentences. And you say stuff like, “If that bee goes onto that flower, then (name) will feel better.” Depression is probably the worst of the stages. It is so terrible that you can’t do normal, day-to-day things because you are too busy crying. Acceptance is when you finally accept the news. You accept that it’s a part of your life now, and that you need to learn to just live with it.(“Home”)

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This chart shows stages, in more detail, and what happens to the patients or family member. It also shows more, narrowed down stages of grief. This is showing a little more what happens to the patient.

Humor With Cancer

By: Trent S.

Cancer is a terrible disease. 7.3 million people die from cancer in the whole world each year.Sadly their is no cure for cancer.How do you find humor in cancer?Their are so many types of cancer.They are all bad.I believe that brain cancer is the worst. It seems to be hard.If you have humor with cancer will help you? One encounter was with the actor Lisa ray.She belives that that humor,hope and family helped her through cancer.It might have helped her not to be stresed or diescureged. It is her opinion.I still don’t understand how that humor helps. Unless it justs keeps your mind off over the cancer so you don’t make it worse by getting mad.But still though.I believe in helping kids who have cancer because it takes away their childhood.We need more places for cancer patients to have fun,

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This is Jake Morley who is seven years old and is having fun painting to take his mind off of cancer.

How Cancer Support Groups Help

By: Katie B.

When cancer patients are sad and alone they can depend on the support groups. They help patients get through all the treatment and the pain. As you read you will learn how the groups operate. Also, how they support, cheer, and change the patient's life. Somethings that support groups do are help, stand up for, and talking out problems with other cancer patients and leaders. Also, they come in various forms from peer, professional, or informational groups. What is a support group, they are a groups that help cancer patients cope with feelings and they provide a way to let the members share their feelings to other members or leaders. This helps them to know how others are dealing, feeling, or what their similarities are. How to find the right support group is find one for your type of cancer. Also, find one based on your emotions. If then you still want more from a group, then check online groups or search for a group that fits your wants and needs. Lots of different groups to choose from. Here are some reasons for joining a group. One, it’s to help you get through the treatment. Two, it helps you get through your emotions. Three, you learn more about your illness. Here is one last reason, studies show that the support groups cheer people up from their cancer sadness and pain. In conclusion, support groups help change cancer patients lives. Gives them more self esteem. Lastly, they help people stay calm through the crazy emotions and treatments. The treatments are stressful and the groups help.

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In this picture, you will see women in pink shirts holding a breast cancer pink ribbon to show their support for this disease. ("About Us")