CPC: Sep. 30, 2015

Unit Three: SUBTRACTION UP TO 1,200

Unit Three TEKS:

2.(4) Number and operations:

The student applies mathematical process standards to develop and use strategies and methods for whole number computations in order to solve addition and subtraction problems with efficiency and accuracy.

The student is expected to:

(A) recall basic facts to add and subtract within 20 with automaticity; Flash cards, E.D.C., Centers, DreamBox

(B) add up to four two-digit numbers and subtract two-digit numbers using mental strategies and algorithms based on knowledge of place value and properties of operations;WG, SG, PRACTICE, CENTERS, H.W. AND Dreambox

(C) solve one-step and multi-step word problems involving addition and subtraction within 1,200 using a variety of strategies based on place value, including algorithms;



(D) generate and solve problem situations for a given mathematical number sentence involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers within 1,200. WG, SG, PRACTICE, CENTERS, H.W. AND Dreambox


(5) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to determine the value of coins in order to solve monetary transactions.

The student is expected to:

(A) determine the value of a collection of coins up to one dollar; and

(B) use the cent symbol, dollar sign, and the decimal point to name the value of a collection of coins.

Unit Folder Components

Big Idea- 15 instructional days QQ/SS (WG, SG, ANCHOR CHARTS. STUDENT LANGUAGE)

Pre-test (Thursday, Oct. 8)

Re-Take of Unit Two: (Wed. Oct. 14)

Post-test (Friday, October 30)

Newsletter: (Tues. Oct.6)

Five Non-Negotiables for this Unit

Start with a story:

Mrs. Garner’s class has 337 Dream Box points. Mrs. Scholl’s class has 179 less points than Mrs. Garner’s class. How many Dreambox points does Mrs. Scholl have?

Represent the number sentence using the place value names

*Start the number sentence with the whole number followed by the part:

Represent the whole number using pictures (models) and PV chart:

Connect to a Number Bond:

Reinforce vocabulary-label and discussions

Learn Components:

Unit One: Mrs. Cepeda

Unit Two: Mrs. Scholl

Unit Three: Mrs. Garner

Unit Four: Mrs.Sanders

Unit Five: District Video


Break a Hundred! (Same materials as Make a Hundred!) Students will start at a hundred with 9 tens and 10 units, roll the die and subtract (remove) that amount from a hundred. The first one to get to zero or closest to zero wins!

Dreambox Update

Grade snapshot report-handout


*Keep hard copy in a sheet protector near EDC-To use as a reference

Judy Clock or laminated clock

CPC Intervention

Starts Wednesday, October 7th

Cepeda/Ochoa/ Garner/Deadessis