Andrea Hackett Come Join, It's MEXICO!

Guess What?? Our special day is finally here...

Sunday September 2, 2014 Leandra Becerra believed to be the world's oldest living person turned one hundred twenty-seven years old in Mexico. She has out lived all of her children and other family members. She is the oldest person that is living on earth. It was lots of other people that was living around the age of her but they no longer is alive. They died at a earlier age as her also. She sits in her wheel chair and she still communicates wells, mobility despite her deafness and severe cataracts. She is still living today and plans on living many more years. She's a strong and well as days go by.

Typical Foods...

In Mexico they have all types of crazy named food and different types of food. They have different kinds that hey do it by day. Here are the foods they eat daily if they want, listing from breakfast to dinner.

Breakfast: Huevos a la Mexicans Papas con Rojas, Chorizo con papas

Lunch: Salsa Rojas, Gaditas, stuffed Poblanos

Dinner: Pineapple pork tacos, chicken mole, grilled steak tacos with avocado salsa

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