Who he really is

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Marshall Bruce

Marshall Bruce Mathers known as Eminem or Slim Shady is a famous old school rapper that still raps today. He makes songs on his own and has his friends like Dr. Dre rap with him. Marshall grew up in bad neighborhoods and in the hood. Eminem was bullied while he was in school and one of the bullies caused serious trauma to his head and his mother sued the school but they lost. When he got older he was know as Slim Shady which lasted from 1992 to 1999. In the early 2000's he was beginning to get more popular and that was when the name Eminem was born. He started from the very bottom and got himself to the throne on his own.


As Eminem grew up in Detroit he would go to the bad public schools there and he would learn little. Eminem went to Lincoln High School. Eminem mostly stayed focused on his music and learning it. He only stayed in high school for a couple of years because he failed the ninth and tenth grade 2-3 times. Later he dropped out and started to work on his music even more.

Inspirations and role models

Eminem has a few role models, but the main one is his best friend Dr. Dre. Eminem started from nothing and this famous rapper, Dr. Dre, helped him rise to the top. Eminem didn't know where he would be if he never met Dre. He had other inspirations like his uncle who introduced him to rapping and famous rappers.


Eminem has won over 50 awards! He has won awards from the NME, Teen Choice Awards, Grammys, AMA, VMA, MTV, and MTV Europe. He has been winning awards since 1999, and he still wins awards to this day.
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