St.Patrick's Day

Mackenzie Cox


Celebrated on March 17, St. Patrick's Day is a traditionally Irish holiday that began as a feasting day for the patron Saint of Ireland. It is now known as an international festival celebrating Irish culture and heritage through parades, dancing, special foods, and the color green.

Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover represents luck and luck is associated with St. Patrick's Day and the Irish. When this holiday is thought of, one of the first things that comes to mind is a four leaf clover. The clover is a symbol for the holiday, therefore, the window display's theme would catch the customers attention and they would automatically know what is trying to be sold.

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Is a type of fairy that derives from an Irish folklore. Many people think of St. Patrick's day when they see a leprechaun. Adding a leprechaun when designing the St.Patty's Day window display will complete the whole idea of what St.Patrick's Day is.

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Rainbow and a Pot of Gold

Another very important aspect of St.Patrick's Day is the bright colors of a rainbow and the pot of gold located at the end. These two aspects signify the St. Patrick's Holiday and bring all of the aspects together.
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Window Display

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