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RCHS College & Career Update, Sept 24

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ATTENTION SENIORS: If you are completing college applications, you will need to do some of your applications steps in Naviance. Below are some quick tutorials and notes on the tasks you may be completing in Naviance this year, such as requesting transcripts, matching Naviance with Common App, and requesting letters of recommendation.

Updating Your Schools in Naviance

If you are applying to four-year universities this year, it is important to keep your college list updated in Naviance. Making sure all the schools you are applying to (or considering) are entered in Naviance will make your other Naviance tasks easier.

  1. Log in to Naviance (always use to access your Naviance account)
  2. Select “Colleges I’m Applying to” from the favorites section on the main page
  3. Make sure you “Match” your account with Common App if you are applying to any Common App schools. Instructions on this process are below.
  4. Then, click the pink plus sign (+) to add colleges to your list
  5. Start typing the name of the college to choose the college you would like to add
  6. Choose the app type
  7. Click “Add application” to save this college to your list

This video tutorial is also provided by Naviance to help you:

Haven't finalized your application list yet but ready to update your schools in Naviance?

  1. Log in to Naviance (always use to access your Naviance account)
  2. Select “Colleges I’m Thinking About” from the favorites section on the main page
  3. Then, click "Add Colleges to List"
  4. Use the "Lookup by" dropdown menu to choose "keyword"
  5. Start typing the name of the college to choose the college you would like to add
  6. Click the heart next to the college name to add it to this list
  7. Move schools to "Colleges I'm Applying to" by viewing your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list from the favorites menu at any time
  8. Then select the schools you have decided to apply to and click "Move to Application List"

Matching your Common App

If you are applying to any schools using the Common App, you will need to match your Common App account in Naviance.

To do this, you will need to take these steps:

    1. Create your Common App account.
    2. In Common App under the “Common App” tab, completed profile section (Profile, Family, Education). Make sure you have added your high school and our CEEB code is showing.
    3. Click “College Search” and add at least one school
    4. Click “My Colleges” tab and select the drop-down and go to "Recommenders and FERPA"
    5. Complete the FERPA form. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you do not invite any recommenders in Common App. If you have already done this, remove these recommendation requests from Common App.)
    6. Go to Naviance (use and choose the Naviance application)
    7. Click “Colleges I’m applying to
    8. Click the “Match Accounts” button (PINK BANNER)
    9. Enter the email address used to set up your Common App account (even if you have since changed it)
    10. Click “Match Accounts
    11. If your accounts don’t match, please reach out to Ms. Hazlewood ( for assistance.
    12. Once your accounts are matched, you can complete your counselor and teacher requests for your Common App schools in Naviance. All other application portions will be completed in Common App.

    This video tutorial is also provided by Naviance to help you:

    Requesting Transcripts

    For college applications and scholarships, you often need to request an official copy of your transcript. To make transcript requests, you will use Naviance.

    • Regardless of the type of transcript you need, please start your process by requesting it through Naviance. IMPORTANT: Always access Naviance through
    • Tutorials on requesting transcripts are available on the virtual CCC site on the "Naviance" page. Naviance has also provided a tutorial here:
    • The counseling office is checking transcript requests frequently, and they are typically filled in 1-2 business days. Currently, we are able to provide initial transcripts.
    • Once your request is completed, you will see your request marked completed in Naviance.
    • If there are any concerns with your request, you will be contacted by the counseling department.

      If you need additional support with your transcript requests, please reach out!

    Requesting Teacher Letters of Recommendation for Common App

    For the Common App, you will have to request letters of recommendation from your teachers. These requests will need to be made in Naviance once you match your Common App account with your Naviance account (see above).

    1. Log in to Naviance (use to access you Naviance account)
    2. Select “Colleges”
    3. Choose “Apply to College”
    4. Select “Letters of Recommendation”
    5. Click “Add Request” button
    6. Choose whether you want the letter for all colleges or a specific college.
    7. Select the teacher from the dropdown list.
    8. Include a note for your teacher here.

    This video tutorial is also provided by Naviance to help you:

    Uploading a Brag Sheet for Counselors

    If you have requested a letter of recommendation from your counselor or you are completing a Common Application, they will need you to upload a brag sheet to Naviance.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Download the fillable PDF Brad sheet.
    2. Complete the form.
    3. "Save As" with your last name in the file name.
    4. Go to Naviance (log in through and click "About Me" and then "My Stuff."
    5. Choose "Journal."
    6. Click the pink plus (+) sign to add your document.
    7. Choose your Brag Sheet file and upload to Naviance.
    8. Email your counselor and let them know you've added your brag sheet to Naviance.

    Note: You can also use this for teachers by making the journal available to them in Naviance as well. Check in and see if that might be helpful for them if they are writing you a letter of recommendation.

    There is a video tutorial on this process available on our Rancho website.

    CCC Resource: Naviance Info

    The CCC virtual site has info on Naviance, the Common App, & more!

    Check out the Naviance page and the Common App page on the CCC website.

    CCC Video Appointment

    Have other questions about using Naviance or matching your Common App account? Make an appointment with Ms. Hazlewood using this link.