At the moment

Present Continuous Activities

What's happening at the moment?

What is happening at the moment in the International Space Station, Open Sea, African Wildlife Safari and under the microscope.

What are people doing in different parts of the world?

Use the world clock to check the time in different countries and make sentences about what people are probably doing.

Live from

Take your mobiles and go to another classroom, the library, the park, the street and make a video of what is happening. Ex. I'm calling live from the park. There are some teachers having coffee and some students are sitting on the grass. There is a girl drinking water....Upload your videos to wevideo or youtube and share them with the rest of the class on Edmodo.


Make a recording telling us what is happening at your house. Ex. This is Martin live from my house. My mum is cooking. My dad is watching TV. My sister is writing homework. My cat is purring. Use Chirbt, or Audioboo to make the recording and share it with the rest of the class on Edmodo.