Fourth Grade

Especially For You

This edition of my Smore is unique to fourth grade. This year has proven itself to be a special one somehow, especially for fourth grade. There are classroom procedures in place for the fourth grade students that do not apply to the fifth graders. In light of this I have come to the conclusion that they need their own Smore.


Although the use of binders is the same for both grade levels, it appears to be a new challenge for fourth grade. Let me explain what the binder is for in my classroom. Binders are where nearly EVERYTHING is stored. All handouts, all graded papers, and papers that are in progress are required to be in the binder. Papers are organized by subject. Red labels reading, blue is for writing and vocabulary, green is social studies, yellow is science, and purple or black is math. Students should take their binder home every night, even if they do not have homework. This is to share with parents what they have accomplished that day.

Assignment books

Students fill in assignment books whenever they have homework. We are going to begin the process of recording our work in the assignment book, and it will be checked off when completed. If it is not checked off, it is to be finished as homework.

Class Dojo

I have established the use of ClassDojo to recognize students for behavior. They receive a sticker for every positive point they get and can "cash" them in for rewards when they accumulate one complete row on their sticker chart. Most of you have responded to my invitation to view the Class Dojo.


I hesitate to even mention Schoology at this time, but just in case there are those of you wondering about that - it is not up for general use right now with fourth grade. I am using it to some extent, but mostly just for organizational purposes within class. I will print the Schoology page as needed for fourth graders to put in their binders. There is no need to be concerned about accessing it from home yet.

Class Wiki

The class wiki exists right now for convenience and support. Our class wiki can be found at This is a site that houses many links that we use for presentation creation, information for projects, and student pages. Once again, fourth grade is not assigned to use the wiki right now, but will be utilized for some lessons in the future.

No School

Remember, there is no school tomorrow for students. (Teachers, however, do have to work a half day!) Also, Friday, September 30, will be an early release day.

Questions, Concerns or Brilliant Ideas

If you have questions, concerns or even brilliant ideas to share, please do not hesitate to contact me.