Others killed during the Holocaust

Jonathan Paddy


Rdg. 1st

13 May 2016

Others (Besides Jews)

There were many other people who was killed during the holocaust. Everybody had different reasons for being killed, or tortured.

Here is some of the others that were killed.

These are the others that were killed. First, we have Gypsies. Second, we have Polish people and other Slavs. Third, we have preachers, clergy, priests, etc. Fourth, and sadly, we have people who had physical and mental disabilities. Fifth, we have jehovah's witnesses. Sixth, we have homosexuals. Finally, we have African-Germans.

Ways they identified them.

Why were they killed.

  • Gypsies: Their race was inferior to the Germans and they were already being persecuted so the Nazis just went with the flow.
  • Poles and Other Slavs: They were killed for being subhumans or greatly inferior to the Germans.
  • Preachers,Priests, etc.: These people were killed for being priests, preachers, clergy, etc.
  • Physically and Mentally Disabled: It is quite obvious why these people were killed. These people were killed for being "imperfect" or "a virus to the Nazi race" or "majorly inferior.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses: These people were killed because of their beliefs. Hitler believed in one God, however the Jehovah's Witnesses did not.
  • Homosexuals: The Nazis were not the ones who killed these people. It was already a law that homosexualism is wrong. So, all homosexuals were already in concentration camps.
  • African-Germans: Hitler thought this race was a Jewish plan to ruin their superior race.