Hurricane Rita

By cole and Brandon


What is a hurricane?

It's a strom with strong winds that forms over tropical waters.

They get worse when they get energy from hot and moist waters.

In 2005 the hurricane season it was a really active season. One of them was Rita and also along with Katrina. People in Katrina had to move before it came but after the hurricane homes and people were damaged really bad. Now to hurricane Rita it's the 4th intense, it formed near the Bahahams it effected place like Florida Louisiana and etc.

Question # 1-Is there evidence of a change in sea surface temperature in the data map?

Answer - when the hurricane goes up towards the north the water tends to get cooler. And the water gets cooler when the Hurricanes leaves.

This was Brandon's Questions

Question #2-Describe the change between the hurricane passage and the effect on SST?

When the hurricane started in the water it was hot. When it started to go up it was still hot (the water). But finally when the hurricane got to land. The water temperature got cooler.

Brandon Answerd this.


Question #1-What effects on SST may be occurring?

one of the effects on the SST is El Niño because it's making all the water come up and make the water warm and making hurricanes and also making servers's making different weather condition like in Texas like flooding,tornado,sunny,snowing.

Cole answered this

Question #2-How long did it take for the SST to return to its previous temperature?

it took about 11-14 days. As shown on the graph you can see.

Cole answered this