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We Miss You!

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6th Grade Economics Class Creates Puzzles!

Puzzles Anyone?

Ms. McDonnell shared this from yesterday's Zoom meeting! "During our 6th Grade Economics class meeting, a slideshow was shared from last week's work. Last week, students assembled online Jigsaw puzzles that reflected an item that they would like to save money to buy. Throughout the semester, our class has discussed the importance of savings' goals. Students assembled the puzzles using the website"

Way to go! What fun puzzles the students created!

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Update and News From Admissions Director Natalie Bennett

Dear Families,

Support during times of uncertainty.

Ordinarily, we would find ourselves enjoying the change in the season that springtime brings and looking forward to the Ski to Sea Parade, Parents Actively Lending Support (PALS) Family Fun Night, and 8th Grade Graduation. These extraordinary times have disrupted much of our lives, and we may be managing a number of uncertainties in our personal and professional spheres. Our school is doing its part to mitigate some of the effects that many of our students and families may be feeling. Despite these unprecedented times, our administration and teachers have done an amazing job being available to our students and families by immediately implementing remote learning.

In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this friendly reminder attempts to update you regarding our enrollment process.

Here are some options for your family:

  • May 29th: Extension of Enrollment *If you’ve selected to pay in full, then you will receive an invoice mid-May from our school
  • Case-by-case opportunities, upon request, allow families the ability to modify FACTS payment plans via our Director of Finance and Operations, Casey Brocato ( There are financial options to help accommodate personal circumstances like delaying the first June payment to July and expanding payments. Additional options can be made available upon further discussion.
  • Our Need-based confidential Tuition Assistance program is available for K-8th Grade families.

If you’re a re-enrolling family, you’re welcome to mail your signed enrollment form along with your payment to our school address. You will need to include a check for 10% of tuition if you’re selecting a FACTS payment plan OR plan to pay tuition in full. Don’t forget to update your Skyward/Family Access information, too. As you know, classes and sections are slotted on a first-come basis.

Some positive enrollment-related update:

  • We appreciate the families that have already enrolled. Your commitment to our school and what we offer is appreciated

  • We’ve been fortunate to secure seven (7) new enrollments since our mid-March mandate to close our physical school

  • 43 new Preschool – 8th Grade students for next year have been enrolled (more friends)

I will be on maternity leave starting on Friday, April 24th. The Bennett parents look forward to meeting our little girl and holding her in our arms soon! The following staff members will be supporting our school’s admissions/promotion needs:

  • Please refer families that are interested in Preschool – 1st Grade (Robin Hall) to Administrative Assistant Rachel Lee ( and inquiries for 2nd-8th Grade (Markell Hall) to Associate Head of School Katie den Hartog (

  • If you have image or stories to share for our social media or online newsletter, please contact Development Director Heather Black (

Lastly, thank you for everything you are doing to guide your students through this unprecedented situation. On behalf of everyone here at The Franklin Academy, I wish you health, safety and a return to something like normalcy as soon as possible. It is often in times like these where the strength and goodness of the human spirit shines brightest.


Natalie Bennett

Admissions Director

Guess Who! Can you match the teacher or staff member with their picture from childhood?

Next week we will reveal who's who! Look for additional teachers next week as well.
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Yearbook - We Need Your Help!

Hello Franklin Academy!

The yearbook students are going to put together a yearbook for this year.

Since we don’t have a lot of photos after Christmas break, we would like to ask for parents/students/staff to send photos from home. We are featuring all grades –PS through 8th, as well as teachers and staff. Photos can be studying at home, playing outside, playing with pets, etc. If you have any ideas of what makes a good photo, feel free to suggest it.

Please email photos to, along with name and grade.

Thank you!

Yearbook Staff

Elsa G., Editor
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Happy Birthday to our Students and Staff who have March or April Birthdays!

March Birthdays:

Natalie Bennett Admissions Director

Jena B. Samara B. Henry B. Wyatt B. Will C. Natalya D. Saanjh G. Aria G. Mary J. Sasha K. Torin K. Arianna K. Joshua L. Nellie M.

April Birthdays:

Karalee Stokes 4th Grade and Heather Black Development Director

Griffin B. Lillian B. Brooks B. Isabelle A. Bella B. Jaxon F. Mason T. Finn H. Addison K. Emery S. Chloe T. Kellen L. Elizabeth W. Hanna Y. Marelli E. Parker H. Logan R. Asher H. Derek N. Samuel P. Levi H. McKinley D. Bjorn H. Alice L. Reed E. Cecelia F. Eric B.

Intentional Learning Continues!

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Math 7 Kahoot!

Mrs. Hedahl shared, "I write Kahoots for my classes to review concepts/make learning more fun and thought you might enjoy this screen shot -- all 13 got this question correct about the importance of double-checking to make sure their answer is correct. Love these kids!!"

Kahoot (on-line quiz software) Check out the screenshot of their quiz results. Great kids with amazing technology!

As we enter into week five (6) of learning from home, here is a glimpse into how two of our lovely families have been embracing this new journey.

What are your pets up to while you study?

Send us a picture of your dog, cat, fish, bird, snake, lizard or wild animal that is in your yard!

Please email Heather Black to Share Your Pictures for the Next Weekly Update!

Do you own a business? How can we support you?

The Franklin Academy wants to help support businesses owned by the parents and grandparents of students here. If you own or work for a business that we can frequent or support, please email, Development Director, Heather Black at

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Newsletters - Click Below

Welcome to "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron!"

Hello staff, students, and parents of Franklin Academy!

Hello! I hope you are well! Below is a link to this week's edition of "Deep Thoughts w/ Chaplain Aaron," where we examine the school's core commitment to Create. One could argue that we are called to create, whether it's creating art, or community, or new ideas. This week's question for discussion is: What's something that brings you life that also strengthens those around you? And, our weekly service challenge is: To create something that will brighten someone's day. Also, pass on any questions/or reflections you have for the Chapel Question Box. Have a great week! Be well!

Franklin 42020

A Sample of Fun Learning Videos!

Our wonderful teachers are sending out classwork to their individual classes and many are sharing their talents over YouTube! Enjoy a story, work on a science experiment with Mrs. Ho, art with Mrs. Richcreek, math lessons from Mr. Hedahl, or hone your recorder skills with Mrs. Snyder!
Mrs. Owen our wonderful Pre-Kindergarten teacher reads aloud the book "Rain Drop Splash"
"Blowing Up a Balloon" experiment with Mr. Gooey
Markell Hall Librarian, Mrs. Samuel reads Edward Tulane - Part 2
Mrs. Snyder (Music and Library Teacher) and Samuel Read "Let's Go For a Drive"
Markell Hall librarian Mrs. Samuel reading the picture book "Day Glo Brothers"
Mrs. Snyder (Music Teacher and Librarian) providing read aloud of "Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin"
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Amazon Smile

If you shop at, this is a great opportunity to raise money for Franklin Academy. Sign up at Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your purchase price will go towards the FA Annual Fund. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Amazon Smile
  2. In the “pick your own charitable organization” box type in Franklin Preschool
  3. Click on the Bellingham Franklin Academy (may still be listed under St. Paul’s Episcopal School through the summer)
  4. Very Important! Please make sure whenever you shop on Amazon you go to the Amazon Smile webpage. If you shop on we won’t receive the donation.
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