Parent 411- Weekly Update

The Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School

The Next Phase- Remote Learning Until the End of the Year

Parents, we hope that our students enjoyed engaging last week in our fun "Family STEAM Learning", it was a great way to explore and learn.

As we prepare to move forward we now have to begin looking at what our "Remote Learning" will look like for the remainder of the school year. This week is a transition week for our teachers and staff as we work on customizing our Google classrooms to make the best learning environment for our students.

In this weekly update Ms. Baker, will be sharing what the next phase of learning will look like. We will also be sharing a plethora of resources for families. As we are transitioning to

phase 2 of Remote Learning there are three things that you can do as parents to ensure your child's time will be productive ( no matter what your schedule looks like).

1) Attendance & Logging on- Make sure your child has submitted his attendance form and is actively working in his Google classroom. Monitor what your child is doing online. Logging in the attendance and then surfing the web or gaming is very tempting event for the most studious of students.

2) Maintaining a schedule - Now for each family the schedule may look different but as long as it is consistent. Our students are use to a structured day and as we move forward ensuring that they are producing their best work as they work online is key. We know that this is easier said than done. 1 tip: Consistent bed time and having a set wake up time. It is never too late to start your school routine. Routines give children a sense of organization, stability and comfort. Getting up in the morning can be a struggle for adults and kids alike, but starting the day with structure can set the tone for the rest of the day.

3)STEP AWAY FROM THE TECH - Being on the computer all day is a lot for kids. With remote learning students are on technology for a long period of time. We have built into their schedule breaks through out the day but it is very important to unplug at least for a little while when school is done. "According to the AAP ( American Academy of Pediatircs) Spending too much time on screens has been linked to not getting enough sleep, poor grades, and a greater risk of obesity.

Just A Reminder The Week of April 27th Is A Soft Launch For Classrooms!

Please be mindful teachers are still getting acclimated to the extensions.
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Parent 411 Weekly Google Meets

Tuesday, April 28th, 3-4pm

This is an online event.

Join us for our Parent Google Meets for information about our next phase of remote learning, 5th grade updates , and feedback from our parents.

Parent 411 Update Google meet

Tuesday, April 283:00 – 4:00pm

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District 11 CEC Highlight from our Superintendent Ms. Vaughan

District 11 Community Education Council April 21, 2020 Meeting Highlight

Healing Centered Schools was the focus at our District 11 CEC Meeting held on 4/21/2020. Healing Centered schools are schools that work to create safe places for students who have experienced trauma. Medical research shows the significant impact that Childhood trauma has on childhood development behaviorally as well as academically. The conversation focused on the need for creating trauma sensitive schools. A question that came up was how are our schools equipped to handle the major trauma that we all are experiencing now. The CoVid19 pandemic is trauma that staff, parents & students are experiencing that is impacting our daily lives. The video clip below highlights our Superintendent Cristine Vaughan's response to how our District 11 schools are prepared to address our families needs.
April 22, 2020

Great Family Resources

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❖ One Week of Free Groceries: Distribution of free food, available to any New Yorker who needs it:

❖ Grab and Go Meals for All New Yorkers: To find a location, text “NYCFOOD” or “COMIDA” to 877-877 or visit


❖ Information about school meals and remote learning:

❖ Helping Tenants: 311 hotline for NYC tenants - For those tenants struggling to pay rent during coronavirus, we are launching a five-borough hotline through 311 to help educate tenants about their rights and sources of rent relief

❖ Benefits available for New Yorkers:

❖ Services for folks in need:

❖ Job Opportunities at H+H: NYC Health and Hospitals needs workers to help transport patients, clerical staff and cleaning staff. You can apply today at

❖ TLC Driver Jobs:

❖ Jobs through SBS Virtual Workforce One Center: 4FY2_NUQjg0SDJDMzFNVlNKM0k3SlhOREtXMUpGQyQlQCN0PWcu (or call 718-960-2458)

More Great Resources ...

Our Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs) provide care for the children of our first responders, transit workers, healthcare workers, and other essential employees (i.e. DOHMH, DEP, NYCHA, Parks, Probation, Grocery, Pharmacies). We are serving approximately 8,000 students daily, over half of whom are the children of medical workers. We expanded eligibility to include restaurant/food/takeout and delivery workers and residential and commercial building staff.

Meal Hubs

As of Monday, April 6th, free meals have been available for students and adults. Any New Yorker who wants one can get three free meals a day at more than 400 Meal Hubs throughout the city. Meals can be picked up between 7:30 –11:30 am (for children and caregivers) and 11:30 – 1:30 pm (for adults). No registration or documentation necessary. For more information, check the DOE’s website here.

EdumateNYC- All K-12 NYC public school students (or, parents on these students' behalf) can sign up to be matched with a tutor at!

Remote Learning Family Survey from the NYC DOE

The City Needs Your Feedback...

The NYC DOE has developed a Remote Learning Survey to gather feedback about the experiences of students and families with remote learning over the last few weeks. This feedback will continue to deepen their shared knowledge of what students and families need in their current learning environment. They intend for the feedback to help form the plan for the rest of the school year. The survey launched on April 17th and will continue to be open through Friday, May 1. Please click the link below to fill out the survey.


Kirk Franklin, Kelly Price, Fantasia, Tyrese & More Take Us to Church With “I Smile” Performance!