You are at high risk

You're phone is a deadly distraction


In this article, you are told how cell phones can negatively effect your life. Many facts are shared giving examples of how your phone can impact your everyday activities. This article is trying to persuade the reader of the fact that cell phones are dangerous and deadly.


Yes, I believe that Digital Distraction is a big issue, not just for learners but for everyone. This is my opinion because teens today are spending more than 53 hours a week on their electronics, and based on what I read the amount of people who danger themselves by looking at their phone is rising. For example 1 in 3 people decide to cross a busy street while using their phone.

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

This article will change my cell phone usage greatly. I have learned that your cell phone is addictive, and unhealthy, so I will use my cell phone only when it's needed, and not at all times of the day. Also I will no longer walk across the street while staring at my phone, because I have learned that your cell phone can actually be the cause of your death.
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