Born 2 B Wild

SAY NO TO EXOTIC PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Life Stories

Terry Thompson had a total of 50 exotic pets and tore or opened the cages to let the animals free then shot himself in the head. The animals he let loose were Bears, African Lions, Tigers, Wolves, and Cougars. Almost all of the animals were killed on sight.

What's Legal and Illegal

In Louisiana it's illegal to have bears, cougars, and non-human primates as pets. No one is allowed to possess any kind of poisonous snakes or large constricting snakes without a permit from the state.
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What Do The Numbers Say

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Dangers To Animals

You cannot provide the right home for the animals, and with the fact that most people can't meet the needs of having exotic animals as pets.

Taking them from the wild can endanger the species because almost all of the animals die during their transportation.

What's The Impact On The Environment

If all the coyotes and wolves were gone then the deer would be way over populated and the deer would be going all over looking for shelter and food.

Dangers To People

You may get sick from having them because they carry diseases that may not be curable and can be fatal.

You could get hurt because they could bite, scratch, and attack their owners.

What Do The Experts Say

"When animals are kept they become stressed and start hurting or may kill themselves".

"Keeping exotic pets can pose a great danger to public safety".