The Library is Open!

Stop by room B4 to check out your next book!

If you’ve walked by room B4, you’ve noticed its evolution since September. Our library has been dormant, but it is thriving once again.

The month of September saw a lot of fall cleaning and organization, and activities returning. During recess, students can stop by and drop off or check out books. At lunch, board games are back! The Uno and Chess groups have grown and now have their games in room B3 during lunch.

A library club was founded in September and students from each grade volunteer to help bring the library back to its former glory. If you stop by, you will see the club members shelving, organizing, and helping students find book titles.

Moving forward, the library will keep its doors open throughout the day (except for 4th period when it is closed for staff lunch). After considering the comments and suggestions of students, the library has been divided into genres to make browsing easier: Manga, Classics, Graphic Novel, Chapter Books, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sports & Hobbies, Horror, and Historical. Though themes may overlap, our new system will make browsing easier and user-friendly.

Please check back with us later in the second quarter as one of our goals is to promote digital literacy and help students to not only reserve books and navigate their account online, but to checkout ebooks that Torrance Unified School District has made accessible for all students.

Thank you for your patience and help and we look forward to finding you the next great book!