Magic Bullet Theory

Shayde Gorbett and Holly Baxter

What does the Magic Bullet Theory state and why?

  • It stated that one bullet went through President Kennedy’s back and exited out of his throat and into Governor Connally's back, exiting through his chest, passing through his wrist, and lodging itself in his left thigh. This was said, because there were no bullet casings left in the President, except for the shot to his head.

Who originally came up with the theory?

Arlen Specter, a Warren Commission attorney.

What evidence is there to prove or disprove it?

  • No bullets/bullet fragments were found in Kennedy’s body besides the small fragments associated with his head injury. The photo evidence doesn’t allow the horizontal alignment of JFK & Connally to be determined accurately, there is still a possibility that one bullet went through both the men.

What did the Warren Commission say about the Magic Bullet Theory?

The Warren Commission said, that the Governor had been hit by the bullet which entered at the extreme right side of his back at a point below his right armpit. The bullet traveled through his chest in a downward and forward direction, exited below his right nipple, passed through his right wrist which had been in his lap, and then caused a wound to his left thigh.
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What do other people say? Do they agree or disagree?

People do not typically believe this theory, because it is hard to believe that one bullet can do so much damage to two people. They think that Oswald would of had a back up sniper.
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What do people say now?

People are still unsure about the Single Bullet Theory.