Something Upstairs Book Review

Written by AVI (Edward Irving Wortis); By Kaylee

About this book

This book is is based on a might be true story told to AVI by a twelve year old boy named Kenny. Here's Kenny's story. He and his parents just moved from California to Providence, Rhode Island. In his new bedroom, there are two doors. In one of them, there is a dark stain. Kenny thinks it has to do with a death. A human death. He goes to the library to find out as much as he can about his new house. The first library has nothing, but the second is different. The librarian says he will look through for some books, but also says there won't be much. Kenny take an old boy scout knife and takes a piece of the stain to the pharmecey to find out what the stain is . Now all he has to do is wait. He has a feeling that there is someone in the house with him.