Nat Love

by Kirsten Middeton

Nat Loves life ...

Nat Love was born in 1854 in the month June and died in the year of 1921. He loved to adventure . His Father/dad was named Sampson Love and his mother/mom's name was never found out . He wondered around and found new things .Nat Love was alive during the slavery days / or his parents .
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He is a cowboy

What he did

Nat Love got /did many things like he became a cowpuncher, he won competition and rode trains as a porter .

what was going on

During the 1870's and the 1880's over 5,000 African cow boys took a part in the legendary cattle drive and took a trail from Texas and went to Montana. And he did many other things including working as a sharecropper in the scivil war.He went through many twists and terns in life he knows whats going on around him most of the time.

quote that Nat Love said

"Mounted on my favorite horse, my ... lariat near my hand, and my trusty guns in my belt ... I felt I could defy the world."- This was said by Nat love in his autobiography.