Heatro Care

" We can turn any state into a geothermal goldmine"

Where We Were

Before the destruction of our town, we were 76 percent hydroelectric. We used little resources other than that and strongly relied on our dams.
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What Happened

For those of you who were not here and didn't get the news, in 2014 a massive earthquake swept through Salmon Creek and destroyed our main dam system. The town was completely destroyed and flooded. After the town was safe to return to, our fine City Hall decided...

Our Plans

Due to the recent destruction of our town, Salmon Creek, WA., we have decided to change our energy source for this town completely. We will now run off geothermal energy, since we live in the "Saudi Arabia" of geothermal energy here in Washington State. See below the detailed diagram of our plans. Our company, Heatro Care, will take Salmon Creek and the surrounding area and turn it into a geothermal goldmine.

What if it Fails

We have gone through all the possibilities and decided for safety as a backstop we can draw on the area's wind driven energy, this was the second best option for us.

Before and After

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This was how we harvested our energy before the dam got destroyed

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This is how it will look in the near future

Thinking Green!

3 ways we can build green are...

1. To build safe generation plants where we harness almost unlimited geothermal energy

2. Build homes that save / conserve energy for individuals and the community

3. Dedicate labs for research on other ways that we can build green

Our Old Ways

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Our New Ways

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