The C.E. Scoop

Oh! The doors we've opened!

By: Marwa Abu-Wafia

Grade 2

Issue #1, Quarter 1, 2016/17

Time Capsule: Hand-print and Goal Setting

In the first few weeks, our dear second graders expressed what they expect to learn together in the Character Education class and set five goals far; a goal per finger on their hand-prints. This activity is serving as a time-capsule, too; through it, they will get to see if their hands have grown bigger, their goals are achieved, and their handwriting has improved by the end of grade 2! And we didn't forget to take a group picture as a memory, too.

All About Respect

We dug deeper in our first core value- Respect. Our second graders were reminded of the boomerang and the ripple effect of kindness through real-life videos that inspires spreading kindness and care. They made construction-paper boomerangs with our rules about treating others and hung them to inspire others.

Then, we conducted the soap-pepper-sugar experiment. Kids were amazed at how pepper (which signifies people) goes away from soap (which signifies unkind, disrespectful behavior) and how sugar (which signifies kind respectful behavior) attracts pepper (people)! (Try it at home! It's super easy!)

This week, we're starting the Chain of Kindness through Kindness Week through which students will write the acts of kindness they do, or see someone in their class do. We'll be excited to see how chains will grow long while kindness is spread! Mystery Kindness Officers will be "catching" students to acknowledge their kindness to people around them.

Ripple - Inspirational Tear-jerking Short Film //
Pay It Forward - Acts of Kindness - Boomerang Effect

Respect for Helpers

Through the Stay and Play days, respect for helpers was highlighted. Kids made them Thank-you notes and prepared meals of food and drink like they had for themselves. Better yet, they gave them out even before they themselves had their meals! This demonstrated gratitude, respect and "Eethar" values (altruism and selflessness).

In the middle of fun, we didn't forget our duties towards Allah, and we prayed right on time!

Our First Habit of The Seven Habits of Happy Kids

"BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND" was the lesson learnt from the read-aloud "Goob and the Bug-Collecting Kit." Their class teachers were invited as mystery readers to read the story, discuss our goals as a class community, and how we make plans to focus on our goals. This was reinforced using a dart game, where students were challenged to stay focused on their targets!

Now what you can do to reinforce...

  • Encourage using respectful language: Please, Thank you, Excuse me... and respectful attitude with everybody- especially with helpers.
  • Set a rule at home of treating each other respectfully even in times of disagreement.
  • Start a Kindness Chain at home and experience the ripple effect!
  • Schedule a visit to an orphanage or a hospital offering services for special needs and try to put a smile on their faces.
  • Talk with your child about the importance of treating other people with respect. Make sure he/she knows that it is important to you, and that it will lead to stronger friendships.
  • Watch a television program together, and discuss the various ways in which the characters acted respectfully or disrespectfully towards one another. Watch for put-downs, insults, and subtle forms of bullying.
  • Help your child become sensitive to his or her own behaviors or language that may be of a disrespectful nature, as he or she deals with siblings or friends.
  • Model using kindness with everyone, and encourage your child to always spread kindness, nonetheless helpers (nannies, drivers, porters, matrons...)
  • Encourage your child to set short-term goals and make a clear plan. Take baby step; start by planning a typical day's goals and plans, then when they've mastered that, allow them to plan weekly. Then stretch it to making longer term goals for a year or maybe a life goal insha'Allah.


Congratulations for the winning runners of the challenge arranged during break time!


Students of Hayah had a blast celebrating Eid-Adha together on the last school day before Eid vacation! Teachers circulated around classes cheering, singing, wishing happy eid and giving out small gifts that the PTA and older students shared in supplying and preparing them.
Eid Celebration 2016

Stay and Play

Stay and Plays are good opportunities for teachers and students to spend some quality time together. Core values and morals are highlighted and practiced.

We had a fantastic time throughout the two events that were organized: Community Service, Pizza Party and Water-Fight day and Inspirational Popcorn-Movie Night Day.

Special thanks to everyone who helped create such amazing experiences for our beloved students.

And here are the picture videos depicting the great time we had in the Stay and Play. ENJOY!

Stay and Play 1 2T 2016
2R Stay and Play 1 & Habiba's Farewell 2016


After few lessons expanding respect to include respect for the environment, animals, country and identity, and introducing the concept of accepting differences, we're going to learn how to be responsible and accountable for our actions and choices.

Our children will have meaningful jobs at school, which they choose and believe they can carry out. They're going to learn how to express themselves, manage their feelings, balance between choices, resolve conflicts and have successful discussions and fruitful meeting. This is going to incorporate skills of Positive Discipline and The Seven Habits of Happy Kids. Practice is much needed for kids to acquire and master these skills. I'll keep you posted insha'Allah :)