You Don't Know Me

By: Jayme Martinez

You Don't Know Me..

You don't know me takes place in everyday life the present. The main conflict you will find in this story is Gloria invites John over. When John gets there they go in the basement with no lights and loud music. The book begins with John and Billy having a crush on the same girl named Gloria, but neither on of them have enough courage to ask her out.

John And Billy.

John is not school smart at all, he is very clever, and he is very nice and willing. John's biggest motivating he has through the story is Billy being gone and out of the way, there's a basketball game on Friday, he is in love with Gloria. I like John because he is really nice and he rarely says no to anyone. John and Billy are best friends who always get in trouble and have a crush on the same girl in there anti math class.


The theme of this novel is no matter what never give up on something you want or believe in. One example that supports the theme is When Billy is suspend John makes his move on their dream girl. Another example is When john picks up Gloria at her house on there walk to school Gloria puts her trust in John that he will keep her safe. A third example from the book is John helps Gloria get out of the gym and saves her and himself from getting arrested. A final example that supports theme is Gloria saves John from dying by her father's bulldozer.

Rates And Connections.

I would rate the book You Don't Know Me a 7 because the book is good but there is a lot of details that are not necessary in the story. Teens can defiantly relate to this novel because it's about a guy asking a girl on a date, when something bad happens and whoever leaves the basketball game or you would get arrested. Another way teens can relate is because when Billy and John fight it's like a normal fight that people have about I liked her first or you betrayed me witch is a fight that most people have with there friends.