Doceri Smore

ED Tech 2014

Doceri App

The Doceri App is a great way for teachers to record presentations or show life presentations during class. Doceri enables teachers to project their ipads onto other computers in order to have a more flexible teaching environment.

How to Connect Doceri through a Computer

  • Download the free trial of Doceri on your desktop
  • Open Doceri on your desktop and on your ipad
  • On your ipad Click "through a computer" and point ipad at computer to connect

Examples of Doceri Presentations

Guaranteed to Make Any Presentation Fun and Engaging!!!

Double Screen on Doceri

Once connected there will be 2 screens that appear on your ipad: a top and a bottom. The top screen is what will appear to your students and is where you can hold down your finger to point to parts of your presentation. The bottom screen is where you will control the presentation and open any other images during it.

Watch Doceri How-to Tutorial