"Tricks get applause, but style gets respect"

Almost Cored !

Join TULBC this Thursday in the Student Activities Center in Room 223 to learn about all of the upcoming events in your longboard/skate community.

Upcoming Events:

Community Bikes And Boards Takes over the Bell Tower. Come meet the people who run your local skate shop ! And enter to win A Penny Board ! April 24th 2014.

Broad Street Bomb May 10th 2014@ 12 pm (Starts at Hunting Park)

Push for Pagoda May 11th 2014 @12 pm (in Reading PA, buses will be provided. You don't need to compete to join the stoke! )

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Temple University Longboard Club Meeting

Thursday, April 17th, 8pm

1755 N 13th St

Philadelphia, PA

Second Floor Through the double doors room 223.

(You do not need a Temple ID to join us ! )

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