Santa Cruz

By Anthony Gonzalez

Mission History

It was built in Sep 21, 1791. It is the 12th mission. The Olone indians built mission Santa Cruz. Fray Lasuen was the founder of the mission. Feb 27, 1793 the cornerstone of the church was laid. Dec 1791 fray Lasuen had baptized 19 adults and 68 children. In 1811 the church roof had to be replaced with tile.

Daily life at the mission

The Olone Indians lived at the mission Santa Cruz. Fray Lasuen was in charge of the mission. Men farmed and women prepard food. The Olone indians had to obey the rules. The mission had corn. There is church but still to be built. There were free time at 7:00 pm.


Mission today

Mission Santa Cruz is still open today. You can take a field trip to the mission Santa Cruz. The mission was destroyed in the mid-1800's. There is no museum at mission Santa Cruz.


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