Visible Thinking

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Session Essential Questions

1. How can educators encourage high levels of cognitive response in classroom activities and projects?
2. How can questioning serve as formative assessment and feedback to advance student learning?
3. What is the role of classroom culture in developing students who become responsible for their own thinking and learning?

What does "making thinking visible" mean to you?

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Research Framework

Research Reflection

What stood out to you from this chunk? Share with the group.

Step 1: Get your graphics in line

Start with a student drawing, image, picture, graphic, or other piece of visual content. Use tools to edit, enhance, engage, enlighten, encourage, empower....ok out of e's. You get the point.

Step 2: Add a layer of awesome

Step 2 B: Additional layers of awesome

Step 3: Create a project

-Find a picture of student.

-Brainstorm with a partner or group: What does a high school graduate look like?

-Choose apps that will best demonstrate your thinking. Create.

-Post your creation:

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