Online portfolio

Jaide Jenkins block 4

why i made an online portfolio ?

i made an online portfolio for i can keep all my work safe and it never deletes. also for other people can see the different type of English work i have done. it is a great why for someone that don't live in my house she what i do and how i have improved. Also for i can keep track of the things i have done and it always well be here.

Want know about my ?

My name is J. Jenkins. I love to play soccer i been playing for about five years now. I play all different types of soccer like 3 on 3, indoor, outdoors, and sand soccer. i have really improve from when i first started playing soccer.i also like to cook my favorite things to cook is dessert but cooking entire is fine too. i Love to play soccer with my two brothers and cooking for my family. That is a little something about me.

Favorite Quote

"When you get a little money , i buy books; and if any is left, i buy food and clothes."


I agree because you need knowledge so you have to buy books because reading help with your writing, spelling and reading. the first thing i would spend my money on it would not be books it would be clothes. with what ever left i would but books and candy.

6 word memoir

What the big thing? I'm pleased.

sun/shadow sentence


Inwardly, I am like a parrot because i am talkative.


Inwardly, i am like a bunny because i am silent.

reflective on "The award goes to....."

On my persuasive essay i need to work on my grammar and make sure i check my spelling. Also, i need to make sure i am not second guessing my self. Beside that my essay was pretty good it persuaded you to try my desserts and to give me the award. i would change my award name to the golden mixers not the blender. it would be the mixer because you use a mixers in cooking desserts not a blender.

reflection on goddesses project

The link is above to my project

Antigone bi-poem

caring, loyal, thoughtful, trust worthy

sister of Antigone, brother of polyneices

lover of the rulers

who feels she should follow the rules

who needs her sister by her side

who fears the law

who gives her sister wisdom

resident of Thebes

self - reliance essay thesis

people should make their own decision on life's important matter because people do not always understand and people give bad advice.

Reflection on persuasive Essay

i think my introduction and conclusion on the self-reliance essay was good. i did not think my second body paragraph was that good. i was having hard time connecting my quote and reasons.