The Sparkle

November, 2015


In a business like direct sales, the one who shows the business plan the most, wins! By that I mean, the jeweler who shows the business plan to prospects, is likely going to sign up more jewelers than the one who is not showing the business opportunity at all! Its purely a numbers game.

Here are the stats:
Show the OP (Opportunity Presentation) video to 10 ladies
1 out of 10 will want to sit down and discuss
For every 5 ladies who sit down and discuss, 1 will join
To get 7 ladies to join your team, you need to show the OP video to 350 ladies.

Attached in the email is a "cheat sheet" to give you ideas on how to share the business with customers. Also attached is a document to give ideas of hosting your own Black Friday Sales Event! Check them out!

A Note from Jessica

Sharing the business can be nerve wrecking. I can personally say, I do not share the business enough. But knowing the statics on sharing the business gives me a reason for improvement. Not everyone has a desire to build a team- and that is PERFECTLY OK IN PREMIER! Vickie, Rhonda and I want you to excel at YOUR goals, whatever they may be. If it IS building a team, you now have a plan and work to do!

Take a look at how I did in my business for the month of October:

Total home shows: 3

Total retail: $1,679.30

Largest Retailing Home Show: $879.70


Teresa Prescott promotes to BUILDER! To become a Builder, you must sponsor 4 jewelers and hold 24 home shows within one year!

During the month of October, Teresa held 4 home shows, sponsored 1 jeweler and retailed a total of $2,244.80. She also renewed her Premier contract on October 30th for her second year!

A Note from Teresa:

I feel blessed and excited! God brought this opportunity to me and I've know since the minute I signed up this was meant to be. My faith has grown tremendously since I joined Premier! I truly was not even thinking about moving to the next level....all of a sudden it just happened! I love the business so much that I want to share the opportunity with others so they can be as blessed as I have been.


Susan Schubert, Frederick, MD, Joined October 10th

Susan joined Premier because she saw the amount of additional income Premier offered! After witnessing how passionate and happy Teresa is with Premier, Susan knew she wanted to become a Premier jeweler. Susan's New Years' resolution in 2015 was to accessorize more and not be such a "Plain Jane." So after seeing Teresa's success and happiness gained through Premier Designs Jeweler, it was a no brainer for Susan to join our family and accomplish her goals! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY SUSAN!

Kelly Pullen, Montgomery Village, MD, Joined September 28th

I joined Premier to make extra money to help support my family and my sons swimming. I love meeting new people and jewelry so it was a win-win for me.

Happy Birthday

Debbie Ripka: December 5th

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