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June Recap

Zirtual Stuff

New Client Profiles

All Client Profiles should have been updated to the new template by June 30.

New Time Off Process

This process is now LIVE! You can read about it in our pod Evernote folder.

June Pod Theme: Who’Z Our Competition?

Week One: “Who are our competitors? Why is it important to know and understand them?”

Week Two: Researching 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Week Three: How Not To's

Week Four: A-HA! Moments

New Epic Guarantee

The main update to the Epic Guarantee is that we will no longer be offering the fully-refunded guarantee that new clients were given within the first month of service. We will now take a more holistic approach, handling each client on a case-by-case basis. We will determine the best resolution for each client account based on variables such as plan type, usage, length of membership, transfer frequency, and overall experience.

Employee Assistance Program

Magellan is now managing Zirtual's EAP program which is available to ALL employees 24/7. Learn more about this benefit through this video. Access to the EAP program can be done via phone (1-800-424-4039) or online via LiveChat.

NDAs and Legal Scope Issues

ZA’s are not to sign NDA’s without express content from DM’s/Legal. And anything that would be considered “legal” scope should be discussed with the PL prior to moving forward with a task for a client. IF there is any doubt, get advice from the DM/Legal for any legal scope questions.

HR - Privacy, Medical Work Releases

From now on, we need a medical release for any ZA that is out for more than a few days. The ZA should request this from their physician.

Zirtual Advisory Board

The board will operate as a round table to create a sense of equality and encourage board members to speak their opinions freely. Each board member will sit for a 3 month term, meaning they will have a total of six meetings, held bi-weekly. Board members will also sit for a 1:1 with Maren once a month where they can share their thoughts and help Maren gain insight into the daily life of the ZA.

We had 101 nominations total, and the final 7 will be decided today. Krista will reach out to those seven people and the announcement will be made tomorrow.

New Summer Flex Hours

  • Program dates are from June 22 - August 14, 2015
  • Voluntarily, as unpaid time, you can clock in as late as 9:00 to start work and out as early as 5:00 to leave work. A non-optional 60-minute break is required.
  • You can adjust your schedule on a day to day basis, depending on personal and client needs (meaning you can work your normal shift one day and the program shift the next).
  • No separate approval needed by your PL.
  • Participating in this program will not impact any full-time benefits, including vacation accrual, insurance or full-time status.
  • Based on client demands and needs, this program can be revised at any time.

Time Clock Edits

Lori will now be handling these, so if you need adjustments made to your time - let her know instead of payroll from now on. Marissa handle them for Lori whenever she's out.

Client Complaint Trends

Many client complaints have come through about not getting updates regularly. It is a best practice to send a quick update at the end of the day as well as a formal end of week report.

Also - we're getting complaints about the intro call going badly - be on time, professional, confident, and make sure you are in a quiet place for intro calls.

Zirtual University Google Page

Our old Zirtual University, which was found at, has been deprecated. All of the 2-week training content is now on this Zirtual University Google Site, which is available for anyone to see and access.

Tip: Bookmark this site now! Learning will be publishing additional resources and content here in the future, expanding any new training to include everyone at Zirtual.

ADPocalypse 2015

As of Friday, June 12, everyone should be logging into ADP WFN via this link. We know that ADP can be a bit finicky, so if you run into some issues, please try the follow troubleshooting methods:

  • Clearing your cache
  • Restarting your computer
  • Logging in via an incognito window
  • Disabling LastPass from ADP

If you do wind up locked out of your account, feel free to reach out to

With this transition, it will also be necessary to note that your paycheck year to date numbers will have reset as of the June 12th paycheck. The transition also means that you will receive two W-2s. While you will be able to see pay statements from June 12th and forward in ADP WFN, to view any pay statements prior to this date, please login to

Zirtual Wikipedia Page

See it here.

Help Center & Kaleo

We've been getting an overwhelming amount of questions for things that are clearly answered in Help Center and/or Kaleo. We're MORE than happy to answer any questions that you have, but help us out by checking both Help Center & Kaleo before coming to us. We understand some things aren't clear, but a lot of it is laid out in black and white. Bookmark them and use them! ;)

Pod Stuff

ZA2 Promotions!

Ashley & Jen both got promoted to ZA2 this month! HUGE CONGRATS to them! :D

Fave Summer Recipes

Here is the doc with all of the ahhhhhmazing recipes that everyone shared this month. YUMMY!

What Does Your Favorite Animal Say About You?

Access the doc here.

Emily & Jen Left Us :(

Emily and Jen are both going to be APL for new pods! Good luck, guys!

Let's Be Positive!

We all shared our tips on how we stay positive when things go wrong. See what everyone said here.

DR Stuff

Remember: If you're desperate for work, take the tasks that are available (even if you think they're annoying!). We totally understand that there's not always DR available, but if there is and you're not jumping at it then it becomes an issue.

Welcome, Jessica!

We got a new pod member! Everyone give a big welcome to Jessica!

Help Center / Kaleo

In our Hangout on 6/30, we all shared helpful things that we found in Help Center / Kaleo. Check out the list here.


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