How is Paper important? Is it tech? Read all about it.


Read all about paper which is beneficial to us.

Why is is it important?

Paper is important. You might not think this. But it is one of the most important inventions in the world. It helps people write.

Is Paper tech?

Yes, it is! Surprisingly paper is tech. Anything that is man made and designed to solve a problem is technology. Since it is man made and is designed to help us write it is technology.

Example: Deodorant is technology because it is man made and is designed to remove your body odor.

Another Example is a chair. It is technology because it helps us sit and make our work efficient and fast, otherwise people would be sitting on the floor to work.

The problem before paper was invented.

Before paper was invented people used to write on rocks and leaves. Leaves were too delicate and it was very hard to write on rock. However when paper was invented it helped people by letting them store knowledge and pass on it to other people and future generations.

The types of paper

There are lots of types of papers depending on the requirements. Some of the commonly available papers are shown here.

How is paper made?

Paper is made by a series of steps.

1.First people have to cut down trees and plants.

2.They take chemicals out of the plant

3.The plant leftovers are cleaned many times

4.People put the plant in a machine that squeezes the paper and compresses it.

5.The people take it out and the squeezed plant is paper

6.The paper is ready to be used!


Whatever the different types of paper there are, paper is a important technology that has changed people's lives.