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~ Hawley School Newsletter: September 30, 2019 ~

From the Desk of Mr. Moretti

Dear Hawley Parents/Guardians, Staff and Teachers,

September is in the books as a terrific month (Ice Cream Social, Open House, Picture Day, learning and laughing). Ready for October? We are!!!!

Buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and stay seated as you read on to find out What's Happening at Hawley .......

~ Ice Cream Social ~

The PTA Ice Cream Social is such a terrific event. How can it not be, students, parents, staff and ICE CREAM! Such a thrill to see current, past and future students enjoying themselves while eating a treat and playing. Thank you to Staff that gave of their time to attend, to the PTA for all their preparation efforts and to all Parents, for your support and for making the time to join us.

New Carpeting

Utilizing the Hawley Fund, we re-carpeted our Primary Classrooms (K-1). They look terrific!

Thank You Mary Hawley!!!

~ Info From the Counselor ~

Counseling Groups

Throughout the year, our school counselor and psychologist run a variety of small groups. Students are periodically allowed to bring a friend to the group activity. If you have questions or would like your child NOT to attend these sessions, please contact Mrs. Perna and Mrs. Shapiro (pernaa@newtown.k12.ct.us and shapirok@newtown.k12.ct.us) or your child's classroom teacher.

Counselors' Newsletter

Please click here for the Newsletter from the Newtown School Counselors.

Mindfulness Room

Mindfulness is the awareness that occurs when you focus on the present and the purpose of what you are doing. Some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness include decreased stress and anxiety, increased attention, improved interpersonal relationships, strengthened compassion, and many more. As many of these outcomes benefit students in a school setting, we are excited to be piloting a new mindfulness room at Hawley. This room will be a haven for students to learn to be mindful and calm their bodies and minds down so that they will be ready to learn when in any classroom. It will be utilized on a class wide basis with teachers signing up for mindfulness lessons at their leisure, as well as on an individual basis with some students being invited to participate in a mindful activity as needed. Some activities that may be enjoyed include guided imagery, a sensory play table, an art table, quiet reading, yoga stretches, and deep breathing exercises. Lessons will be run by school counselor Kimberly Shapiro and/or behavior interventionist Betsy Rickert. We are looking forward to this room becoming a safe place for students to use in an effort to build better coping strategies and emotion regulation on a school wide basis.

~ Hawley PTA ~

Once AGAIN, Hawley School and our PTA has been awarded and recognized as a School of Excellence! Thank you for all that you do and for all your support. Our strong Home-School Connection is what defines our school community.
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  • Friday, 10/4 is a 2 Hour Delayed Opening for Professional Development. Students will be accepted at school after 10:45 AM with a 11:05 PM start. Please plan accordingly.
  • Starting Tuesday, 10/1, we will be signing late students in and those leaving school early out, in the Main Office as opposed to at the Security Desk. Parents will still check in at the security desk, but this change is to assure that the main office remains aware of students that are entering or leaving the building.
  • Our PTA does so much incredible work providing our staff and students such wonderful support and experiences. If you have not yet joined, please do so. Click here for a Registration Form or click here for the Hawley PTA Website website for more information about what they do.

Dates to Remember

  • Wed, 10/2: Top Summer Reader Breakfast
  • Fri, 10/4- 2 Hr Delayed Opening: Professional Development
  • Wed, 10/9: NO SCHOOL- Yom Kippur
  • Mon-Fri, 10/21-25: Book Fair
  • Wed-Fri, 10/23-25: 3 Hr Early Dismissal: Parent Conferences
  • Thurs, 10/24: Evening Conferences

From the Mouth of Babes

Mr. M was visiting a classroom to see the work being done.

"Great work everyone, thank you for sharing" said Mr. M

"Visit again" invited a student

"I will" replied Mr. M

"Will you remember how to get here?" the student asked

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