Benjamin William Rankin

Different types of hieroglyphics and how they are written.

"They wrote there hieroglyphics left from write and top to bottom." Hieroglyphics are pictures that show objects . The hieroglyphics symbol of legs means movement With other hieroglyphics it can mean approach. the ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyphic symbol called glyph it was made of 700 to 800 symbols. Those are different types of hieroglyphics and how they are written. CITE:HISTORY-WORLD.ORG
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they used their hieroglyphics fora lot of other things like.

They used hieroglyphics to decorate jewelry and other items. They also used this method on stone and wood.They used it on meta,l gold, silver,and other materializes.In the army the military leader was first trained as scribes so they can deliver messages.That is some other ways Egyptians used hieroglyphic. Cite: ancient-Egypt- online.com
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Other types of writing the Egyptians made.

They used hieroglyphics to decorate the walls of the pharaohs room. They also use it for the government so they can keep track of tax. Some of the people went to school to learn hieroglyphics.Some people did not learn how to read and write hieroglyphics.Those were some types of writing they used. cite:anceintegypt.co.uk
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This effects of hieroglyphics today.

First of all they are the first to use picture.Secondly,they have more then 700 symbols that sometimes we use.Also, we would not have pictures until someone else invented it . Finally,we would not understand what they were talking about in the past.that was some reason what would happen.Cite: my brain
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