The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper

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I am a small 11 year old boy that looks harmless. I can turn into a raven and when I'm a raven two feathers on my head are always sticking up.

Camelin is my best friend and he is a raven that always has black shiny feathers.

Nora is an old Druid who is very friendly and strong.

Elan can change her appearance but she likes to look like a girl about my age.

My Granddad is a tall and skinny man who has a tan from working out in his garden all the time.


I move to Glauseren Hill in England to live with my Granddad. There I meets Nora and Elan who are my new neighbors. The story takes place in the 2000s but when Camelin and I go back through the window in time the story takes place during 100 B.C. Nora's garden has all kinds of magical tools and things to practice magic with. Nora also has a lake that has magical creatures in it. The Prefect office and the Roman soldier camp are important places in the story.


The theme of the story is that powerful things come in small packages. Or you don't have to look powerful to be powerful.

Personal Info

One of my favorite books is the Book of Shadows. One of my favorite interests is flying with Camelin. And one of my favorite activities is helping out at the Cricket Club with my Granddad. I am not in a relationship.


The conflict of the story is that Elan and Nora need special cauldron pots to be able to travel to their world to keep themselves and a forest alive so Camelin and I have to go back in time to get them.


I am in Middle School during the day and when I get home from school I go over to Nora's so she can teach me more about magic.


I am in a group to try and save magical beings and creature from dying. The cause is to save people like Nora and Elan by finding the portal to their world.


When Spriggons ransack my house to try and find the Golden Acorn I scare them away. Then when the Spriggons come back with a Bogie to try and steal the Golden Acorn and my wand. After that Camelin and I go back in time we see the moment the Romans tried to kill Camelin. Next the Romans came and shackled me up to stop me from taking the cauldron plates. Finally I find the plates and give them to a water nymph for safekeeping so that Nora can get them in the future.