Reasons for the Seasons

Plus some frequently asked questions

What do you think would happen if the Earth was tilted to a greater degree?

Our seasons would change drastically depending on which way the earths axis is tilted.

Do you think there are any natually occuring events that could cause the season to change?

A asteroid large enough could push the earth out of orbit and that would really change the seasons. A earthquake strong enough cold shake the earth and tilt it changing the seasons.

What do you think would happen to seasonson earth if we were closer to the sun?

All the seasons would become drastically warmer. and our years would be shorter therefore shortening the seasons.

When the seasons change does the length of your shadow change? Explain your thinking.

Yes because the sun positions the shadow depending on how much light were shining on it. For example, in winter the suns rays don't hit the earth as much as they do in summer so your shadow would be shorter. In summer your shadow would be larger.

How do you think organisms are able to understand the changes in the seasons?

For winter, some animals eat and gather a lot of food to eat and sleep during the winter also known as hibernation. For summer, some animals often shed their skin to keep cool and not overheat.

What effect would a faster revolution have on earths seasons?

Shorter seasons would result from a faster revolution.
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