By: Jasmine, and Amanda


Like the members of the New Left, the Hippies were mostly middle‐class whites but without the political drive. Their hallmarks were a particular style of dress that included jeans, tie‐dyed shirts, sandals, beards, long hair, and a lifestyle that embraced sexual promiscuity and recreational drugs, including marijuana and the hallucinogenic LSD.


They liked people like Bob Dylan. Thanks largely to Bob Dylan's decision to play an electric guitar. They also listened to Pink Floyd. They were for the rock and roll era.


One major social changes in the sixties was the widespread use of drugs, primarily the hallucinogens, marijuana and LSD.

Sexual Attitudes

The family was close and family time was important and divorce was not accepted. Males and females dated to select a partner for marriage. Women were expected to remain virgins until marriage. Homosexuality was illegal

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