Apollo 11

Brooke Moore


In 1961, there was a space race with the Soviet Union going on. The Soviets led it by the first human explorer in space. Then America had the first American to orbit the Earth, but they were not in the lead yet. So then they sent men to the Moon and they landed on the moon on April 14th, 1961.
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The crew that was sent to the moon was Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. and Michael Collins.
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The reason that they were sent to the moon was because President Kennedy want to fulfill the dream of putting a man on the moon first and winning the space race.
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They took off at Cape Kennedy and begin their trip to the moon.

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Apollo 11 had been being prepared for almost a decade before it occurred. It took almost 3 days to make it from the launch pad to the edge of the moon. But it was the mission that put the first human on the moon.
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Apollo 11 Launch HD