An Easy Way to Read and Share Ideas

Easy Communication

Blogger is an online blogging site that allows you to easily create your own blog and follow others. Students can use this to communicate with one another through following each others blogs, posting their thoughts and ideas, and responding to the original posts. Through this site people can tailor their own blogs any way they like. They have the ability to pick from a number of layouts, write anything they choose, and comment their personal responses or reactions. is an easy way for anyone interested in blogging to get started.

Easy Discussions

I think Blogger can be a great way of getting a discussion started that can be further explored once the whole class is together. This blog site makes posting and replying to comments quick and easy.

How To Use In School

Blogger is a great way for students to communicate about their assignments. An interesting activity, for example, might be to assign a specific reading and give discussion questions that students can respond to on their personal Blogger page and respond to each others posts. This would be a way to get a discussion started without putting the pressure on students to speak up in class.

Blogger can be pulled up on any web browser, as long as there is internet access, so they're easy to pull up in class to begin a discussion on what has already been posted. It can be easily used on computers, iPads, and even phones. Using this web tool takes hardly any time to figure out, so an instruction on the site would just require a quick overview before students can be given free roam to create their own Bloggers. Because of limited access of school internet, though, it might be difficult to allow students to edit their pages during class time. A Blogger assignment might best be done as an at-home homework assignment that can be copied through a link or screenshotted and sent to the teacher for them to pull up during class.