Grade 4/5B Weekly News

Mrs. Tomietto - Room 224

Week of: September 22-26, 2014


Reading assessments are now complete, and we are now working on building stamina with respect to independent reading. In writing, we reviewed different types of sentences (declarative, interrogative and exclamatory), and we created our own examples. Students will be continuing to apply the rules of complete sentences when working on their own compositions.


We learned how to create stem and leaf plots to help us organize our data and search form measures of central tendency. Provide your child with a variety of numbers, and ask her/him to create a stem and leaf plot to put these numbers in order. Grade 4 students learned how to determine median (middle) scores, while the Grade 5 students calculated mean (average) scores. Mode refers to the most frequent score. There will be a test on these concepts this week on Tuesday September 30. The next unit will be on Patterning.

Social Studies

The Grade 4 students are starting to study each province in order to make comparisons, while the Grade 5 students read about the 3 branches of the federal government (executive, legislative and judicial). With the upcoming municipal elections next month, it is a great time to discuss how local government provides important services for all of us.


We have all been given the task of recording items at home or at school: grade 4 students are searching for sources of light and how we use these to make our lives easier. The grade 5 students are identifying items at home and school are organizing these into the 3 main states of matter.

Special Events/Important Dates

Area Cross Country: Wednesday October 1

Meet the Teacher Night: Wednesday October 1 (Please plan on attending if you can).
Photo Day: Tuesday October 7

Aussie X (in class activity to promote team building & physical activity): October 8