What's Up ? Weekly

The Word from Third Week of Sept. 9th- 13th

Did You Know?

When the moon is directly over your head, you weigh slightly less.

Math Manor

  • Test Monday over adding and subtracting 100's, 10's, 1's, and coins.
  • Adding combinations of 2-digit numbers with sums of 100
  • Estimating the sums of 2- digit numbers
  • Continue coin combinations

Science Shed

Greetings Scientists!

This week's focus will be about the physical properties of matter:

  • temperature
  • mass
  • magnetism
  • ability to sink or float

MAD LAB- Nanna Know-It -All 's Quicksand Experiment


Science Video of the Week- What is Matter? -Mocomi Kids


Language Arts Lodge

Spelling: making plurals ( crashes, bodies, pockets)*

*Spelling and HF words are on Spelling City.

Reading: monitoring comprehension- what to do when you get lost

AIMSWEB testing

Social Studies Shack

This week were focusing on celebrating our freedom by learning about:

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Bill of Rights
  • The Constitution