Multiple Meaning Words

Dr. Wise's 4th Grade

I can identify multiple meaning words.

I can identify the meaning of a word as it is used in text.

I can use context clues to help understand the meaning of a multiple meaning word.

I can use multiple meaning words correctly in the context of my writing.

1. Read the digital poster on Multiple Meaning Words.

Can you think of a word that is a multiple meaning word? Talk to your neighbor about it.
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2. Open the Sway Presentation and learn about Multiple Meaning Words

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3. Practice Time! Digital worksheet on Multiple Meaning Words.

We will do this activity together.
Digital Worksheet: Multiple Meaning Words

You need four sticky notes, write A on one, B on one, C on one, and D on one. You will put the sticky note on your laptop to let me know your answer choice.

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3. Writing Activity with Multiple Meaning Words. Listen to the story: There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

Look for words that are multiple meaning words in the book.

You should find 3 multiple meaning words in the book. You pick one to write two sentences with on the Padlet. Look at Dr. Wise's example as a model to write your own sentences. Do not copy my sentences.

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4. Digital Multiple Meaning Game

Play the digital game!

5. Watch the Video on Multiple Meaning Words

6. What did you learn? Add a post to the linoit about multiple meaning words.

Extra Learning: Science Connection

Leaves Have Cells

What makes a plant cell different than an animal cell?
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Centers: Multiple Meaning Words

Classroom Activities:

1. Classroom Center: Dry Erase Multiple Meaning Words

2. Make a poster or book that has a fall theme. Use multiple meaning words in phrases or sentences on your poster. Illustrate and color your work.

Digital Presentation:

1. Use the multiple meaning word list to make a power point presentation or use the padlet link to make a padlet presentation

2. Write sentences using the multiple meaning words correctly

3. Add pictures to illustrate your sentences

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Research fall the season. Make a poster to display your findings or make a digital presentation.

Digital Presentations Directions:

1. You can use lino link to post fun facts about fall

2. Use the Fun Fall Facts link to find your research

3. Copy your facts on notebook paper

4. Type your facts on the lino

5. Add fall pictures to enhance and illustrate your post

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