October Early Childhood Newsletter

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Happy Fall!

While we are STILL waiting for cooler weather, the calendar says that Autumn is here. I hope that October finds your procedures turning into routines, small groups and centers running smoothly, and the students in your class learning to make positive choices. Don't forget to make the time to enjoy the smell and taste of pumpkin spice!
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Well Deserved Kudos!!

The 18-19 TPEIR Kinder Ready reports are now available. As I pull these to see how our 17-18 PK students did, I want to celebrate the successes!

Congratulations to the following districts who had at least 70% of the previous PK students test as kinder ready in 18-19! Alba-Golden ISD, Hudson ISD, Lindale ISD, Longview ISD, Ore City ISD, Slocum ISD, Van ISD, Wills Point ISD, and Woden ISD.

A very special shout out to Pine Tree Primary where an amazing 93.7% of the PK students scored as kinder ready!

Districts showing at least 25 percentage point gains in the PK student Kinder Readiness Rates from the previous year: Central ISD, Chapel Hill ISD, Cumberland Academy, Gilmer ISD, Jacksonville ISD, Longview ISD, Marshall ISD, Martinsville ISD, Sabine ISD, and Van ISD.

Overall, only 56% of Texas PK and HS students scored kinder ready in 2018 - 2019.

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Timely Data Options

TPEIR reports are useful, but the lag in accessing the data can be frustrating. CLI "rolls over" the data each year and unless you saved it, it is gone. DMAC schools have the option of entering PK data and Kinder Readiness data to provide quick, real-time reports. These reports allow you to identify trends and discuss effective program components. For example, as the Kinder Readiness Assessment scores could be entered with a code to identify students attending public PK/HS for at least 80 days. Once entered, that data can be shared with the Pre-K team to provide real time program data. Contact Paula Jordan at pjordan@esc7.net if you'd like more information or if you need assistance.

House Bill 3 & Pre-K

Questions about how House Bill 3 affects Pre-K? Click here to watch the video clips and download the related materials.

House Bill 3 & Kinder - 2nd

House Bill 3 will directly impact you through reading practices requirements, mandated literacy training, and the 5 year Literacy and Math Proficiency Plan. Curious? Click on the titles to access the videos and related materials.

Reading Practice Video Reading Practice Implementation Materials

Literacy and Math Proficiency Plan Plan and Goals Implementation Materials

Don't forget your EC specific training and coaching requirements!

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