New Britton Elementary

November 19, 2021


News from Mrs. Mankin

Dear Bulldog Families,

We had a learning-filled week at school! Our students are making connections - connections to previous learning, with each other, and with learners around the world! The learning that I have noticed and celebrated the most this week is our students' growth as writers. They are seeing the power of mentor texts in which they see and hear examples of different strategies authors use, and then they are "trying out" these strategies in their own writing. They are also working hard to apply what they are learning during their word work to their writing - and this looks different depending on their developmental writing stage. There is a lot to celebrate with our student writing!

We would also like to celebrate our 4th Grade Bulldog Spell Bowl team coached by Mr. Temple. They competed with other 4th grade teams on Monday and placed 4th in the state. We are so proud of them. We would also like to recognize that Henry Mize had a perfect score, leading the Bulldog team to this accomplishment. Our team members are:

  • Henry Mize
  • Shaurya Agrawal

  • Brody Anderson
  • Harshith Bolisetty
  • Timothy Burgoyne
  • Lily Cloys
  • Sanjayraj Kalaivendhan
  • Manuel Rangel Gonzalez
  • Anzar Siddique
  • Anish Tatavarthy

We would like to thank Mrs. Gundersen for proctoring the competition.

The Hamilton Southeastern School Foundation, HSEF, hosts an annual Giving Tuesday to raise funds to support our students and schools. They have supported our district for 20 years by investing nearly $2 million dollars into our larger learning community. Please read the information attached to the email to see how you can participate in this day of giving on Tuesday, November 30. Thank you for considering this important campaign!

Winter celebrations are quickly approaching. You will receive information from your student's teacher about monetary donations that we will collect to assist with supplies and materials for our service learning portion as well as some fun, interactive activities.

As always, thank you for partnering with us in education!


Lori Mankin

Dates to Remember

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School News

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Holiday Light Recycling Program

This Holiday Season, HSE is asking you to give a gift to the Earth by making the choice to be more sustainable. HSE Schools will be hosting a district wide Holiday Light Recycling Program.

Starting December 1st and going until January 14th each school will be collecting old, broken, tangled, or unwanted holiday lights.

Technology Recyclers will take these unwanted/unusable lights and break them down into useable components that will be used to make new products. Last year, you helped prevent 3,519 pounds of e-waste from entering landfills and polluting the Earth. That is the roughly the weight of a Toyota Rav4.

You can help prevent e-waste from ending up in the dumpster this year.


This year New Britton families can support our library in many ways. One way to this is by donating a book to our library.

We would love to continue building our collection of diverse books as well as those titles and series that our students love!

You have the option of choosing a book from our wish list or giving a monetary donation. When you pick a book from our library wish list you will have the option to add a donor plate and donate a book in honor of a child's birthday, special occasion, or a staff member! If you do this, we will be sure to share the book with your child’s class first and then add it to our library’s shelves.

When you purchase a book, the book will be shipped to our school processed and ready to be added to the shelves!

Below you will find the link to our school’s Support our Library page.


If you are interested in volunteering in the library, please contact Katy Williams at kwilliams@hse.k12.in.us.

Cafe News

Cafe Update

Although we aim to stick to our lunch menu we occasionally must substitute items when product is unavailable.

Menu choices are:

Monday 22nd- Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tuesday 23rd-Orange Chicken with Rice

The following week's choices are:

Monday 29th- Pepperoni Pizza

Tuesday 30th – Chicken Quesadilla

Wednesday 1st- Cheeseburger

The cafe is still out of stock for PBJ. Our supply of peanut butter as well as turkey are also very low. After those items are gone, we will be offering cheese roll ups.

Family Resources

Second Step Emotional Learning

This week students continued the Second Step Elementary digital program, a researched-based social-emotional learning program designed to improve children’s social-emotional skills. Second Step skills and concepts are designed to help children both in and out of school.

Please see the Second Step Weekly Home Link attached at the bottom of the newsletter for specific information discussed in each grade level week 9.


Grade: Kindergarten

Digital Citizenship (CSM): Safety in My Online Neighborhood

Summary: In this week’s lesson, students discover that the internet can be used for visiting faraway places and learning new things. Students will learn rules for traveling safely on the internet.

Try This at Home: Discuss with your child how going on the internet is much like going on an actual trip or adventure. We always have a trusted adult with us to help, we stay in safe places and on safe websites, and we never talk to strangers.

Grade: 2nd Grade

Digital Citizenship (CSM): That’s Private

Summary: In this week’s lesson, students will recognize the kind of information that is private and understand that they should never give out private information online.

Try This at Home: Discuss with your child what types of information would be considered private information. Examples include last name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and even photos of ourselves.

Grade: 3rd Grade

Digital Citizenship (CSM): Is Seeing Believing?

Summary: Students will recognize that photos can be altered digitally, identify reasons why people might alter photos, and analyze altered photos to try to determine why.

Try This at Home: When we are using the internet, we are thinkers! Talk with your child about how we can ask questions about what we see online. Who made this? Could this be real? Is it kind and helpful? Share with your child how we can ask questions and voice concerns about what we see online with trusted adults.

Good Samaritan Network

Good Samaritan Network (GSN) is a collaborative/network of nonprofits in Hamilton County. GSN utilizes two serving approaches, Direct and InDirect services, and in part is designed to ensure efficiency and communication among the different agencies, social services, nonprofits, local government, pantries, and businesses - as together we serve the needs of Hamilton County residents who are at-risk or underserved.

If you are in need or would like to help those in need, this website can assist you. The link below provides support for holiday assistance, rental assistance, energy assistance, and ways to provide support.

Please take a moment to explore this website - click here.

FYAP Snack Attack Program

NBE is pleased to announce the return of the Snack Attack program for those students in need. This program, supported by the Fishers Youth Assistance Program, is designed to provide students a little extra nourishment for the weekend until they can receive a hot meal at school on Monday.

Here's how the program works. Your student will pick up a small sack of food to be taken home over the weekend. The sack is filled with individually wrapped snacks such as granola bars, fruit cups, pop tarts, peanut butter/crackers, Goldfish crackers, etc. The type of snacks will vary each week. Please let us know if your child has a peanut allergy as he/she will receive a special bag of peanut-free snacks.

There is no cost to you or the school. If you are interested in having your student participate in FYAP's Snack Attack or have questions, please contact Sherri Leiner, NBE School Counselor at sleiner@hse.k12.in.us

Coats for Kids

Appointment Sign-Ups are OPEN from now until October 15. We have IN-PERSON and PICK-UP appointments this year. YOU DECIDE how you would like to interact:

1) Order coats online and then drive-thru & pick them up
2) Attend in-person

See our website for more information

Community News

Mudsock Youth Athletics

Spring Program Registration:

Mark your calendars! Registration for spring baseball, softball, soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, rugby and track and field opens January 1st at myathletics.com. Season information including divisions and program fees will be updated on our site at the end of December. Need a refresher over our registration periods? Find them here.

Staff Spotlight

Second Step Weekly Home Link

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