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To know God and make Him known!

Dear friends,

I am so thankful for each of you! I pray that you are doing well as we navigate community days, home educating days, households and husbands. We have a full job! Are you relying on the Lord for your strength? For myself, I have been thinking how often I just rely on myself, (it is something my mother taught me) and how I have been wanting to break this bad habit as it is a reflection of my relationship (or lack there of, at times) with the Lord. I believe the tasks God set before me are definitely helping me RELY ON HIM like never before because I feel so inadequate in them. Besides the task of directing, I am leading a discussion group for Bible Study Fellowship. This is a group of 17 ladies I need to connect with, possibly shepherd and lead study with. I haven't met them all, but I would say the average age of these ladies is 60 and I am sure they have much more to contribute than me! So, yeah, I feel inadequate but I know God called me to this, so I am trusting and believing in Him to lead me. I am reminded of Ephesians 2:10, that God equips us to the work He has called us to. Isn't that AMAZING?? So maybe you too are feeling inadequate in something. This is probably the best position to be in because it pushes us to rely on God's power. And our God is in the power business! Call on Him today!!!!

Week 3

WOOHOOO- we completed week 2!

How did things go? I never had a chance to visit Trinh and Nancy's classrooms but I am positive things went well. Thank you for being flexible Nancy and changing your room.

Did you all improve on the one thing you wanted to? Remember, improvement comes with baby-steps! Please continue with the self-evaluation and let us know at the next prayer meeting:

  1. ONE THING you believe you did WELL
  2. ONE THING you wish to IMPROVE ON!

HOW AM I DOING? I have the privilege of giving you feedback and seeing you improve- so if you have feedback for me, please send it my way! Sometimes it takes an other person to point out an area we can improve on.

Geography Tidbit!

I apologize as I forgot to ask you- but how many maps did you draw in class for week 1 & 2. Reply to this email and let me know. We need to keep track for our Community Challenge and every map counts!

Science Week 3!

Science Experiment can rotate in a bucket this week. When you are done with it- send it to the next class, please. I will PRE CUT and mark the strips. If you'd like Kendra, you can have each student make one. They younger children might be too distracted, or unable.



Nancy 11:00 it is available.

See Through - To Determine How Saturn Can be Seen Through Its Rings

This document is on Google Drive under week 3. IT is from Jamie Hays and I love the flow of questions. Read it over and see if you can incorporate it into your lesson. You can also test this experiment easily at home if are unsure of it.

NOTE: These are an assortment of questions arranged to you to help the students engage the project by

using their eyes to observe what they see and their minds to consider similarities and differences between the craft project and the planet Saturn. Do not feel as though you have to ask all these questions or that the students have to give the answers I have used. Use the questions as a guide. They are tools you can use as you practice guiding the students to attend to the lesson and discover truths by paying close attention

Do Craft first and then discuss what they see as they are spinning the pencil.

What shape do you see? Where do you see this shape?

When you are not spinning the pencil do you still see that shape?

Once it is established that they are seeing a circle…

What other things are in the shape of a circle?

What does this make you think of?

When I think of a circle, I think of this…(point to your wedding ring). What do we call this?

(Take off ring and place on table) Is my ring moving or sitting still?

(Show them your craft project without rotating it) Can you see the circle now?

(Spin the pencil) Do you see it now? What enables us to see the circle?

Can you think of any other rings besides wedding rings? Or What else has rings?

If you don’t get an answer of Saturn….

One of our planets in the solar system is famous for its rings. Does anyone know the name of that planet?

My wedding ring is made out of gold, what do you think Saturn’s rings are made out of? – let them hypothesize

If no students says they are made out of ice and rocks…

Well, scientists have found the rings are not solid like my wedding ring, but are made out of millions of chunks of ice and rocks that are spinning around the planet.

Compare the craft with ice/rocks spinning around Saturn.

How are the rings around Saturn like the craft we just made and spun in our hands?

They are both moving, OR, they are both spinning.

(If no student says this, ask, “Are they both moving or sitting still?”)

They both make a ring, OR, they both make a circle.

(If no student says this, ask, “What shape do they both make?”)

We can see both of them.

We can see things through the rings.

(If no students says this, ask, “What can you see behind the spinning rings?”)

How are the rings around Saturn different from the craft we just made and spun in our hands?

Our craft was made out of paper; Saturn’s rings are made out of rock and ice.

Our craft has six strips of paper and a pencil; Saturn’s rings have millions of chunks of ice.

Our craft is small; Saturn’s rings are huge.

Our craft fits in this room; Saturn’s rings are too big to fit in the room.

Our craft is on the earth; Saturn’s rings are out in space.

Behind our craft we see our hands; behind Saturn’s rings we see the planet of Saturn

Compare the space between the black lines on our craft with the space between the rings of Saturn.

How many rings do you see in our craft? How many rings do you see around Saturn?

Why do we see two rings in our spinning craft? (We drew two lines on the each piece of paper.)

If the rings of Saturn are made of millions of chunk and ice, why would there be a space between the rings? (That must be a spot where there is no rock or ice spinning around the planet.)

Finish the time together by going around the table asking each student to tell you one thing they learned about Saturn today. “What’s one thing you learned about Saturn today?”

C2W3 Science Experiments

Sample Art for Week 3-- Upside Down Art


A great sampling of tried and true review games. Keep it simple- pick one or two for 6 weeks and see what the kids like. If they love them, use them again.