Plate Tectonics

Caleb Snead


I believe that Continental Drift is the reason why the continents are where they are today. At one point in time there was a large single landmass called Pangaea. Through continuous spinning of the Earth it moved the continents. There are many examples of why there was one landmass, one of them being the Mesosaurus fossils. The Mesosaurus was a fresh water animal. Its fossils were found on South America and Africa. In between those two continents is the Atlantic Ocean. How could a fresh water animal swim across the salt water ocean? It couldn't showing that the continents were all connected at one point. There is also a plant fossil the Glossopteris that was found on all of the continents. The seeds of the plant could not have spread over the oceans, so again the continents had to have been connected at some time and then they drifted apart.